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About The Vivi

The world is mine.
The world is mine.

I am Vivi Ball. I am a faulty creature with an infectious laughter and a great sense of play.

Welcome, lovely ladies!

This is a community of wise 40 plus women, who have experienced life, value inner peace and are determined to live the best life. I am kindly inviting you to share your experiences and thoughts freely, so we can all learn and improve.

Why me?

My spiritual role on Earth is to be a revealer, a catalyzer. In my human form, I am a mother, a teacher, a writer and a photographer. Every day, I teach by who I am and I give the world words with passion. I have been told that I have the power to bring happiness to every being I encounter in my path. I live passionately and I am addicted to life, just like you. My philosophy of life is “do good.” It is my duty to share with you the ways that help transform our life. It is also my responsibility to share my failures and mistakes, to make sure that you are more effective, and you learn faster than me.

My life in numbers

Vivi shooting and living the best life.
Know yourself

I have taught, trained and coached around 10,000 people, wrote 500 language teaching materials and 1,000 articles, and shot approximately 1 million food and concert photos.

Why write?

I write because it is an amazing way to connect with my tribe. In my writing, I focus on the human condition and simple ways to live a better life.

What is The Vivi about?

Dear ladies, on The Vivi you will find articles on mindfulness, self-love, trauma, relationships, and ultimately living the best life. Together, we will use profound inquiry and self-doubt as tools for self-discovery. My authority in life-related matters comes from 30 years of teaching and coaching with love and excellent results, being through a lot and surviving brilliantly, and having a deep understanding of how the mind works following tens of NLP, yoga and self-development programs.

Let’s embrace psychology, natural sciences, art, music, humor and any kind of life-related enjoyment.

I know I know nothing, but I have worked hard to realize that. As I am incessantly searching for “It”, I am inviting you to join our community in our self-realization journey. Alan Watts put it best:

This – the immediate, everyday, and present experience – is IT, the entire and ultimate point for the existence of a universe.”


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Vivi has been writing about the process of self-realization through mindfulness and compassion since the age of six. She has dedicated her last years to helping people know themselves and live their best life. In addition, Vivi has taught around 10,000 students since 1990, and she blogs about the role of cooking at the intersection of food and self-mastery using simple recipes and copyright food photos. Subscribe to this site to stay updated with new posts on living the best life.

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