Yesterday was great!

by Viviana on January 26, 2011

in Music

I got a lot of new friends on Facebook, people I am interested in being in contact with. My friend Mark recommended them, and I am so grateful to him for taking the time and suggesting all my new connections!

I realized I will never follow someone who does not have at least 1 link attached to their profile on Twitter. Once they cannot mention a link ”linked” to them, it’s useless to try and find who they are online. They don’t exist. Not having a page of your own, a space of your own, where you can express yourself, means you are just a sneaky person, and you don’t deserve my attention.

I am starting to get excited about the DARKWAVE.RO FEST. Looks like the venue we chose may prove to be too small…

Next week, my daughter is on vacation. Not wholeheartedly (good parents know what I mean), I tried to book her into a skiing camp. She told me that she does not want to go at all, cause she wants to be with me all week.

Our friend Lars is working hard on his project, and we are so happy to support him.

We are paying too much tax to the Romanian state. Full stop. But there is no other way. I love my life! I love my country! What about you?

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Louise 8 years ago at 10:49 pm

Hi Viviana! I’ve been writing online for a long long time now and have found many dear friends from many walks of life and from many different countries. Love your blog, I had to move mine from windows live spaces recently as they have closed down so my space is now rather dull compared to how it used to be :-( It’s school break here too next week, my son goes to his grans so I get a break ahhhhh.

Bright Blessings

Viviana 8 years ago at 11:11 pm

Louise, it is so comforting to read your blog :). It is so real, full of life and sincere. I am very happy to have met you online. Take care and keep writing!

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