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by Viviana on June 5, 2010

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After trying so hard to be present everywhere in the virtual space (and I am sure that I haven’t learned about one millionth of it), discovering like a child every new toy that is, anyway, linked to the previous toy, which apparently was created to show the world what its creators had done wrong when they created it, I was sitting in bed, laptop in my lap, and the fear crawled in. For a minute I thought it was just one of those postpartum depressions that I get sometimes. In this case, I thought that the pseudo-panic attack was triggered by my (still) (in)decision to drop Facebook. I don’t hate things in general, I love my Internet goodies, but Facebook is too much. I am going to get out of there soon.

So, the panic was not related to Facebook. It was related to something greater, I think, called the fear of “the uselessness of it all”. I realized that I have put so much energy and effort into signing up and in and out, uploading and downloading and connecting and blocking that I ended up a little blocked myself!

I stopped for a minute to stare (as One Republic say in a pretty song), obviously, at my computer screen. Every action in my life is motivated and serious. I plan, brace up, convince, purchase and complete to put is simply. So, my question for myself was: what about all this trouble I have been through? What about all the dry and lifeless activities related to my numberless (I am serious now) sites and accounts on the Internet?

Well, the answer I gave myself was satisfactory. As I am in two businesses and I love my country very much, I have two strong reasons to do everything in my power to let the entire world know that Viva Music is a dark.electro.gothic music promoter from Romania and Wordland is the 5th language school in Romania! As long as my time on the Internet is invested in creating connections with the right people in my businesses, thus bringing more revenue and learning about how to do better business, I am happy.

Some other (more private) reasons why I like to interact with people with the same interests are: I may meet them in the future and I may be lucky enough to know enough about them so I won’t feel funny in front of them. I also like to share my passions for Depeche Mode, vampires, music, photography and may other things and the best source of info and contacts, again, is the Internet.

Now I can rest and join some more groups on Facebook until I quit it altogether! I told you my reasons for being here. What are yours? Cheers and take care, from lovely Romania, Vivi

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Brett Widmann 8 years ago at 8:48 am

There are some days where I am haunted by the thought that all of my online and social media endeavors are sometimes not worth all of the work I put into it, but almost instantly I realize that this type of thinking is wrong because of all the friends I have made in the process. Sometimes, it’s not the work or recognition that I get is what makes the effort worth it, but the friends I make along the way.

Keep doing what you do, and the fruits of your labor will always pay off :)

Viviana 8 years ago at 11:24 am

True! That is why we all keep going, isn’t it?

Brett Widmann 8 years ago at 7:22 am

Exactly! :D

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