Who’s better than whom in music?

by Viviana on July 28, 2011

in Music

I think that my opinions haven’t really changed over time. I think that my thoughts are more refined, objective, positive, selfish, solar and definitely less radical. There are subjects (such as my country, education, domestic violence and some others) that still make my blood boil, but usually I am less consumed by everyone else’s business on earth. Some contradictions in what I am saying you think? Good! This is what we are, various representations of contradictions, it just takes a lot of guts to realize and admit it.

One of the most important things in my life is music. I live through music, always have. I even founded a company in Romania with a dear friend of mine to promote the music we love: electro/industrial. I couldn’t care less about anyone’s opinion about this music, as they probably couldn’t care less about my opinion about the music they listen to. And we are underground, so we should be “different”, isn’t it? I don’t think that there are types of music that are better than others, although there are some limitations here (lol). I, for one, don’t listen to jazz. That does not mean that I concluded that jazz listeners are wasting their time, jazz is just not an option for me.

I do not agree to the idea that the music we listen to makes us special or more superior (read above other human beings). No way. But I am sure that the music we like can (and should) make us a better person.

For me: ethereal sounds and violent beats, surreal voices and distorted cries, beat after beat and the rhythm and the voice inside me that cries to get out and free the energies of the universe, they all make me a better person. You may completely disagree. Fine with me. If you are reading this post and you don’t like what I am saying it is not my fault, but yours. You are in the wrong place.

Some examples of music I LOVE (just some songs that came to my mind in the first 10 seconds):

So, who’s better than whom in music? I do not know. But I am fucking happy with my choices!


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