Viva Music live electro & industrial show on Bucuresti FM (national radio) every other Sunday – 10th edition on April 17, this coming Sunday!

by Viviana on April 13, 2011


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I feel mighty proud because I have seen my dream come true: I can preach and teach about electro & industrial music and, for the first time I can feel that the people who made this possible don’t see me like a freak anymore.

Being a promoter of electro & industrial music in Romania is not easy. Mind you, nothing is easy when you pick an almost “volunteer” business. The money making businesses are about mainstream. We are not about money, mainstream, public radio and television, because our music is about heart and soul and that very rarely leads to making money.

And still, we found open minded people who want to promote non-mainstream on public radio! It sounds like a contradiction, but it is not! It happens in Romania, twice a month, on Sundays, from 7:30 PM (GMT +2). This coming Sunday we will be live on Bucuresti FM radio again, playing the same amazing electro music for the chosen ones. Stay close and watch us live on! This is the story of our show: Thank you for your support! We make the difference.

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