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The Shocking Truth about (My) Self-Development

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

I will open with the conclusion: we preach, write about and attract experiences we need in order to grow.

You can stop reading here. If you got me, no need to continue.

I’ll bore you a little more, then.

I used to write about the benefits of yoga when I first started going to yoga classes. I wrote about twin flames and eternal love when I was co-dependent. I am writing about the futility of it all now… and I haven’t grasped a life lesson yet.

We usually preach/write about what we lack.

Otherwise, we don’t even pay attention to certain subjects. As we need not work on those issues, we don’t need closure or improvement and whatnot.


A yogi does not reflect upon buying stock. He does not need that in his life.

A minor does not think of a job.

A priest does not buy disco clothes.

A dark-skinned person does not need sunscreen.

A Christian woman does not buy a burka.

A professor does not need a beginner’s manual for his subject anymore.

A father need not buy anti-stretch mark cream.

You go on with your own better examples. Mine are all poor, sorry about that.

Thus, we all talk about what we need.

The second we think of something new and we focus our attention, the world turns. We open a new chapter. We concentrate on a new part of ourselves that needs (development.)

If you are at that point where you see how permeable and impermanent everything is, you’ve done something admirable.

Focusing on nothing means no desire.

No highlights and drama in our lives mean we are free. Yes, I am preaching a bit here, meaning I still need to work on this issue. I have had thoughts about the meaning of everything since I was 6. I have been writing about it, read, listened, etc. At 46 (!), I haven’t figured it out yet.

The recent development is that I attach less and less meaning to my experiences.

I guess this has always been what I desired.

I am certain I will go with my questions unanswered, but I will leave happy for trying.

Vivi has been writing about the process of self-realization since the age of six. She has dedicated her last years to helping people know themselves and live their best life. Vivi has been teaching for the last 30 years. She also posts/blogs about the role of cooking at the intersection of food and self-mastery.

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