The diary of a rebel (or how I refused to sign my Communist Youth Union membership card) – part 2

by Viviana on March 21, 2012

in Personal

We must be really poor. Or we aren’t, I never really get it. We have very good food compared to any other Romanian families. I eat salam de sibiu and chicken legs and all kinds of delicatessen from the Alimentara across the street. I see my grandmother sneaking from the house with all kinds of goodies my mother brings from foreign countries and coming back with food. I mainly see my Grannie carrying cigarettes. Kent cigarettes that you only give to doctors. There must be a doctor who gives my Granny food for me.

We don’t change the sheets often, because we cannot wash them very often. When we do, the smell of clean sheets almost gets me dizzy. It is one of the best smells in the world. Not better than the smell of new books, but close.

I never brush my teeth. Nobody does. The bathroom is miles away. We live in a room in a huge villa, but we don’t have a bathroom of our own. We share a bathroom and a toilet with two other families. I am very jealous when I see tooth paste in the sink. I think that those people live a very good life.

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