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by Viviana on May 10, 2011

in Personal

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I am 38. I turned 38 yesterday. I am the happiest 38 year old I know. I don’t know many people though, there may be millions of other 38 y.o.’s who are having the time of their lives as I am now. Every day.

I thank my daughter, my friends/colleagues for the most beautiful surprises in the world, for their smiles, hugs, family hugs, cheers, kisses, jokes, fun, love and, above all, for having me in their lives and loving me exactly as I am, and for what I am.

Thank you, my dear daughter, for being the first one to say Happy Birthday to Mummy last night! And for making me feel so loved. Every day.

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doulfe 7 years ago at 12:12 am

happy belated birthday :)

Viviana 7 years ago at 12:38 am

thank you, milady!

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