“thank you” note and vivi quits messenger

by Viviana on September 17, 2010

in Personal

I don’t know how many of you have thought about how lucky we are to be around in 2010? How many of you ever take the time to enjoy the here and now, and realize that this world is even more than we wished, dreamed and prayed for?

I do. I am ecstatic every day. I am so thankful for spending quite a good chunk of my life doing what I like to do best: learning. And while learning, helping others by using what I have learned.

It is so great to take the time sometimes and thank the people in your life, thank your friends, thank your teachers and students, thank the world in general from the tiniest plant to the largest building (of course, built by humans, but hey, so special in its singularity afterwards) for just existing around you to spice your life and make it more interesting.

The latest news in my life is that I am quitting my viviana.ball Messenger on Monday. I can’t stand having only one option. We live in a world that offers so many options, that I can’t opt for such a limited service anymore. If you have me only on your messenger list and still wish to stay in contact, please check me on facebook, myspace, twitter or others. They are pretty cleverly related, so you cannot miss me.

All these being said, please take a moment, look around you and realize how lucky you are! And then go back to your computer and realize how really lucky you are!!! Kisses.

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Mark B. 8 years ago at 12:38 am

And i’ve never had a chance to see you connected…*sad*

I quitted MSN Messenger for MirandaIM some months ago, it’s wayyyyy less limited as it’s compatible with almost any protocol…talk about options *hint* ;)

See ya! xo

Viviana 8 years ago at 9:26 am

Miranda sounds funny! Like that woman in the series I couldn’t watch, hard as I tried. lol

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