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by Viviana on October 4, 2010


I read a very interesting post (unfortunately it’s in Romanian and I don’t have the time to translate it) called: “What is this blog about”. You need to take my word for what I am saying, unless you also want to quickly Google translate the post to get an idea.

This post was a finicky reader’s (and blogger’s) surprise, with its marketing and sales parts, its human touch, and its modest and simple, rich and redolent language.

The feeling we should have after reading a good post is that we wrote it. We should feel part of the guy’s success and relevant experiences. An idea lingers longer if people feel that they may have naturally expressed it. As funny as it may sound, the talent of a blogger resides mainly in making people appropriate their ideas for they were accessible and applicable, not abstract and mainly theoretical.

A talented blogger makes the readers part of his story, drives the readers’ spirit and makes them read without a gasp for air. I deeply admire people who can write like that, both for their writing skills and for clear cut thinking. Manafu definitely convinced me and that is why his blog is in my Google Reader list.

Another person who attracts me with her conciseness and sparkling writing skills is Liz, amazing mother, teacher, human rights activist and fellow Depeche Mode lover.

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Brett Widmann 8 years ago at 1:13 am

Looks like some good talent you’ve found :)

Viviana 8 years ago at 7:25 am

hard to be honest in romania:). it’s either the recession, the Internet or just our romanianhood that blocks what u guys call community conscience. there is a saying in romanian that makes no sense in english: I want the neighbor’s goat to die, too. it means that if we fail, we want everyone else to fail, too. so, of course i am happy when i read blogs of romanians who want the neighbor’s goat to thrive!

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