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Change now! Yes, now!

by Viviana on May 13, 2011

in Personal

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I change. I change every day, every minute. I change because I learn and, mainly, because I learn very fast. One thing that you understand by the time you are 38 is that change is very important. What is vital today and needs to be treated as urgent means nothing to anyone in 2 weeks’ time. Fortunately, vice versa hasn’t happened in my life so far.

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Happiness, Viva Music, Wordland, Facebook and me

by Viviana on November 23, 2010

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This is a very short post about happiness. My devoted readers know by now that I strongly believe in handmade happiness. I believe in consciously making the best of every day. I believe in working hard, planning, thinking, always having a purpose, and at the same time enjoying the world as much as we can. Family, friends, music, traveling, photography, sharing, loving and caring are some things that come to my mind now, and I know for a fact that they make me very happy.

The other day I was talking to a friend who gave me a nice piece of advice: “you should start surprising yourself.” I guess that will soon be on my to-do-list.

Don’t forget to check this link for the latest news about Viva Music’s activity. We are developing, and thus getting more recognition for our work every day. And yes, we are bringing Combichrist to Romania on March 1, 2011!

Also, a new freshly revamped Wordland website will be launched soon. I will let you know at the right time when that happens.

One last thing: Facebook me here! (I loved “The social network”, I know you can tell).

Candidatul de succes (la Wordland)

by Viviana on October 2, 2010


Wordland a fost infiintata in 2001 si, de atunci, predam 10+ limbi straine si facem tabere de limba engleza pentru copilasi intre 5 si 14 ani. Nu am avut pierderi, intarzieri in plata taxelor sau schimbari majore in activitatea noastra. Am progresat si am sfidat toate relele din tara asta, promovand numai valori romanesti si euforia muncii bine facute.

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Existenta pe conturi

by Viviana on October 1, 2010

in Personal


Pe Internet transmit info despre mine. Ce sunt, ce (mai) fac si ce imi propun sa realizez.

Astfel, Facebook e folosit pentru a transmite noutati de la Wordland, linkuri la evenimentele Viva Music si multa muzica, Blip e numai pentru muzica (propaganda de-a dreptul!), Tumblr e pentru a prelua ce postez pe Blip si a trimite pe Facebook si Twitter. Vorbesc (destul de deschis) despre mine aici – critic, plang si ma impaunez in cadrul acestui blog de care sunt tare mandra, Twitter-ul e ceva mai personal, mai strecor si cate o glumita sau (auto)ironie. Aici sunt eu pe .com, imagine de care eu consider ca toti avem nevoie, mai ales ca reprezint 2 companii intr-o tara draga mie. Toate prezentele mele online sunt mentionate aici. Profilul Google a fost pentru mine primul pas spre a concentra tot ce pot exprima eu prin intermediul online-ului. Alaturi de cele de mai sus ar mai fi de mentionat care preia automat muzica pe care o ascult pe computer si o posteaza frumusel pe site, Myspace pe care l-am iubit acum vreo 3-4 ani pentru ca mi-a pus la dispozitie informatii interesante despre trupe si muzica electro in general (din pacate, acum nu mai are nici o relevanta pentru mine, dar am avut grija sa il sincronizez cu Twitter), Google Reader in care aflu ce au mai scris pe blogurile lor cei cativa pe care chiar ii citesc, Plaxo si Linkedin care sunt, chipurile, exclusiv pentru business (am niste istorii fenomenale despre cat de interesati numai de afaceri sunt membrii acestor retele), Picasa in care incarc poze pe care, ulterior, le preiau in posturile de pe siteul personal (aici e un exemplu), mai am si un profilas pe Photobucket pe care inca nu il tratez cu atentia cuvenita, avand in vedere ca este mult mai destept decat Picasa (desi ofera spatiu mai mic de stocare).

Sa facem o recapitulare: comunic despre ce se intampla la Wordland, ce muzica promovam noi la Viva Music si ce evenimente punem la cale, viata mea asa cum e ea pentru mine, cu succesul sau infrangerile mele, frumusetea acestei lumi filtrata prin lentile Nikon. Cam asta ar fi.

De ce am scris acest post? 1. Pentru ca aveam nevoie de o autoevaluare a prezentei mele pe Internet postMessenger. Am renuntat la el. Si bine am facut. Imi ocupa 75% din timp si imi oferea de cele mai multe ori insatisfactie. Odata cu minunile Internetului invat si eu sa fiu mai selectiva si, pot sa spun cu mana pe inima, Internetul nu are o influenta nefasta asupra mea. 2. Pentru ca mi-am dat seama ca va folosi si altora. Nu e o leapsa, nu e un joc. Prezenta online este un lucru important, un element care ne diferentiaza nu numai de animale (cum spuneam in trecut), ci si de ceilati semeni ai nostri care inca nu stiu cum sa isi promoveze (sau nu incearca sa o faca) valorile, ideile, afacerile online.

Last night I had the great pleasure of meeting Jim Rosapepe again. Unfortunately Sheilah was not there. I sent her my best and I hope to see her again soon.

Jim scheduled a Dracula Is Dead signing at Humanitas bookstore, starting 19:30. Of course he was already there when we arrived at 19:30, talking to his old friends, collaborators and some press.

Since 2001 when I was still teaching Jim Romanian I’ve only met him once, in Herastrau Park where he was walking alone on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was with my 6 year old daughter. Adara is 9 now.

I read Dracula Is Dead with JB and Adara in Poiana Brasov, on our Easter vacation, and the mentions of Wordland and our family made us really proud. Being mentioned in a book is something that does not happen very often, so not only that I am proud that my family and my company are mentioned in Dracula Is Dead, but that the book depicts Romania in her early postcommunist years. Reading Dracula Is Dead gave me the same feeling I had when I was looking at the pictures my Nenicu took of all the churches Ceausescu was destroying. He took photos of all of them, so we can have at least memories of what this country was before communism.

In my opinion, Jim and Sheilah’s book is a sympathetic memoir about people, places and facts from post revolution Romania. The most beautiful memories of my life are related to the period they describe in the book: getting married, having my daughter, starting my business. Jim and Sheilah were with me when I got married, when I buried my father, when Adara got her christening and they also encouraged me start the language school. As Jim was so modest last night and said that he couldn’t recall his support in starting Wordland, here is the proof!


2 more things: 1) I was not the only one to bring my child to meet Jim and share warm feelings and friendship with him! I saw a couple (I only know the guy, probably met him while working with Jim on one of his projects, I have the feeling he was an IT guy) with their very young baby in a pram. They were very happy to meet Jim again, I could tell J. 2) I had 4 copies of Jim’s book with me. He asked me whom did I want him to make them out for. As I was hesitating, Jim signed one for me, one for Adara and when I said that the others should be for “dear friends” he made one out in Romanian! He hasn’t changed a bit!

VIVA MUSIC – Bucharest, Romania

by Viviana on April 20, 2010

in Music

Most of the music I personally like falls into one of the following categories: new wave/EBM/dark/electro/synthpop/futurepop/industrial/aggrotech/gothic or others, more or less known or more or less related. I have been a Depeche Mode fan for 23 years, and I am still devoted to the best band in the universe.

In 2008 I decided to share my passion for music with friends and fans of the music I like. My company, VIVA MUSIC (music promoter based in Bucharest, Romania) is my second business after WORDLAND (language and business training, started in 2001).

One of our goals is to stay true to the dark/electro/gothic scene, and never compromise. VIVA MUSIC team enjoy organizing every concert and always go the extra mile for the bands and their fans. VIVA MUSIC is not committed to making anyone rich, but to sharing the richness and beauty of an exclusive scene with friends, true fans, and  true music lovers. VIVA MUSIC is committed to representing the bands, collaborators and sponsors fairly and honestly. VIVA MUSIC is an honest and reliable tax payer, and we commit to supporting the economy of ROMANIA, the country we proudly represent.

I am very happy and I feel professionally accomplished looking back at 3 extremely successful music events VIVA MUSIC has organized so far: MELOTRON, the FIRST ROMANIAN DARKFEST, COVENANT.  We are planning on bringing only electro/dark/gothic acts to Romania.

Here are a few links to the music we promote:

In strict confidence: silver bullets; zauberschloss; manchmal; wintermoon; my despair

Covenant: bullet; final man; like tears in rain; call the ships to port

Melotron: liebe is notwehr; das hertz

Diary of dreams: the wedding; the curse; butterfly: dance!; menschfiend; son of a thief

And one: military fashion show; enjoy the unknown

Aesthetic perfection: the great depression; the siren; the ones; spit it out

Agonoize: for the sick and disturbed

VNV nation: Illusion