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Berlin Zoo and Tierpark - full gallery here: orice ne implicam, in orice incercam sa intelegem sau sa “vedem”, vedem ceea ce deja cunoastem si nu ne provoaca, acele lucruri cu care alegem sa ne identificam din ceea ce am mai experimentat si, in general, ceea ce ne face cel mai putin rau. Unii incercam sa ne detasam si sa privim totul de la distanta, fara emotii, fara interpretari, fara filtre. Cati reusim?

De ce ne place, mai nou, sa vedem tragedii? Cred ca Pro TV cu ”Stirile de la ora 5” a lansat tendinta in Romania, nu? De ce ne “hranim” astazi cu accidente si lucruri abominabile pe care alti semeni le fac? Mi-am pus des intrebarea aceasta. Oare, curiozitatea noastra, care evident are in spate acea usurare: “bine ca n-am fost eu” de care ne e rusine si de care ne ascundem chiar si in fata noastra, nu cumva hraneste esenta ucigasa a zilelor noastre? Nu cumva faptul ca ne concentram atat de mult asupra partilor tragice ale existentei noastre, de la accidente pana la incalzirea globala, este cauza tuturor dezastrelor care pare ca se napustesc asupra noastra ca individ, natie si specie? Sau daca nu ni le atragem singuri, nu cumva incercam cu totii sa ne intarim in fata tragediei, avand un mobil ascuns, pe care inca nu il intelegem, la nivel de specie?

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Hello, world! I am from Romania and I love my country. I have spent a lot of time documenting with photographs how beautiful and interesting Romania is. I shoot Romanian nature, places, Romanians, animals, landscapes, artifacts, architecture, traditional Romanian parties, celebrations and events, etc. I shoot with love and passion authentic, traditional, breathtaking Romanian images, important for my mind and spirit and educational and inspiring for the younger generation.

The photos below were taken in at least 100 towns and 1000 places from Romania between 2009 and 2012. I also wrote a brief description for each gallery. I use Nikon and my cameras are a natural extension of my hands.

All my photos are hosted on Google+ (Picasa), so if you click on the links you will be taken to Picasa galleries. Please feel free to leave a comment or share my photos. You can also download them. All rights reserved VivianaBallPhotography. Enjoy!

Galleries (click either on the links or the photos for the entire gallery):

Fantastic house and landscape in Brasov County, November 2012 full gallery

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Our most recent “preneur”: Viva Music

by Viviana on August 6, 2011

in Music

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In case you haven’t connected A to B yet, Octavian Logigan and I have worked together for almost 10 years. Our most recent “preneur” (I felt like using this quote from The Social Network) is Viva Music (promoter of industrial/electro music, founded 2008). Please Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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How do you feel in front of a camera?

by Viviana on November 2, 2010

in Personal

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Just came back from an interview. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk about the DARKWAVE.RO FEST organized by VIVA MUSIC at Kulturhaus on November 12 (with PAINBASTARD, DESTROID, SLAVE REPUBLIC and FRANK THE BAPTIST). HEFE  (BRING THE NOISE) invited me to speak about our past, present and future industrial/electro/gothic music promo activity. The interview will be aired twice, on November 8 and 11, on Music Channel.

Why am I writing this post and asking for your opinion?

While I was answering his questions and so awesomely communicating with this amazing guy, I had the strong feeling that I was doing something slightly wrong in front of the 2 cameras. I had the feeling that I was too comfortable, letting myself be myself too much. Before going to the interview I reviewed the things I wanted to say in my head, and I decided I wasn’t going to be the erupting energetic volcano I usually am, on or off the camera. Well, as usual, it did not work. I got enthusiastic, I started talking fast, with passion, I talked freely and disclosed some partly confidential stuff about our work and, obviously mentioned Depeche Mode! I started selling work, passion, electro music, encouraged, thought positive and spoke accordingly. My daughter was there and she told me that I should never stop talking cause I look good when I talk, not when I look thoughtful and say nothing, and that she was sure I could have stayed there 20 more years and talk about Viva Music’s events and have never gotten tired.

Now, please tell me: what is better? Be yourself or carefully plan your video appearances? And why is it that almost every time I plan to be less enthusiastic and talkative the opposite happens? People, how do you feel in front of a camera? Or two? What do you feel and what do you do? Please help me learn more and share your experiences with all of us. Thanks.

Today I participated in WOW (Women on Web) conference organized by Evensys. The conference was about the role and influence of Romanian women in the online universe. 8 ladies and 4 gentlemen gave presentations aided by visuals  and/or talked freely, either about online experiences with personal projects, or about public websites, projects, magazines or brands they developed or are currently involved in. The guest speakers made me (and all the other participants for the matter) smile, laugh, think, think again, reflect, actively participate, laugh and cry. Literally cry. That is why I choose to speak now about emotions, and not about ways of increasing the number of followers on Twitter. I am a woman, I love being a woman, I love being caring, hard working and organized in my universe made up of emotions and little-huge events that change me and the world around me every day.

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Candidatul de succes (la Wordland)

by Viviana on October 2, 2010


Wordland a fost infiintata in 2001 si, de atunci, predam 10+ limbi straine si facem tabere de limba engleza pentru copilasi intre 5 si 14 ani. Nu am avut pierderi, intarzieri in plata taxelor sau schimbari majore in activitatea noastra. Am progresat si am sfidat toate relele din tara asta, promovand numai valori romanesti si euforia muncii bine facute.

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Romania is the country of infinite beauty.

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Last night I had the great pleasure of meeting Jim Rosapepe again. Unfortunately Sheilah was not there. I sent her my best and I hope to see her again soon.

Jim scheduled a Dracula Is Dead signing at Humanitas bookstore, starting 19:30. Of course he was already there when we arrived at 19:30, talking to his old friends, collaborators and some press.

Since 2001 when I was still teaching Jim Romanian I’ve only met him once, in Herastrau Park where he was walking alone on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was with my 6 year old daughter. Adara is 9 now.

I read Dracula Is Dead with JB and Adara in Poiana Brasov, on our Easter vacation, and the mentions of Wordland and our family made us really proud. Being mentioned in a book is something that does not happen very often, so not only that I am proud that my family and my company are mentioned in Dracula Is Dead, but that the book depicts Romania in her early postcommunist years. Reading Dracula Is Dead gave me the same feeling I had when I was looking at the pictures my Nenicu took of all the churches Ceausescu was destroying. He took photos of all of them, so we can have at least memories of what this country was before communism.

In my opinion, Jim and Sheilah’s book is a sympathetic memoir about people, places and facts from post revolution Romania. The most beautiful memories of my life are related to the period they describe in the book: getting married, having my daughter, starting my business. Jim and Sheilah were with me when I got married, when I buried my father, when Adara got her christening and they also encouraged me start the language school. As Jim was so modest last night and said that he couldn’t recall his support in starting Wordland, here is the proof!


2 more things: 1) I was not the only one to bring my child to meet Jim and share warm feelings and friendship with him! I saw a couple (I only know the guy, probably met him while working with Jim on one of his projects, I have the feeling he was an IT guy) with their very young baby in a pram. They were very happy to meet Jim again, I could tell J. 2) I had 4 copies of Jim’s book with me. He asked me whom did I want him to make them out for. As I was hesitating, Jim signed one for me, one for Adara and when I said that the others should be for “dear friends” he made one out in Romanian! He hasn’t changed a bit!

VIVA MUSIC – Bucharest, Romania

by Viviana on April 20, 2010

in Music

Most of the music I personally like falls into one of the following categories: new wave/EBM/dark/electro/synthpop/futurepop/industrial/aggrotech/gothic or others, more or less known or more or less related. I have been a Depeche Mode fan for 23 years, and I am still devoted to the best band in the universe.

In 2008 I decided to share my passion for music with friends and fans of the music I like. My company, VIVA MUSIC (music promoter based in Bucharest, Romania) is my second business after WORDLAND (language and business training, started in 2001).

One of our goals is to stay true to the dark/electro/gothic scene, and never compromise. VIVA MUSIC team enjoy organizing every concert and always go the extra mile for the bands and their fans. VIVA MUSIC is not committed to making anyone rich, but to sharing the richness and beauty of an exclusive scene with friends, true fans, and  true music lovers. VIVA MUSIC is committed to representing the bands, collaborators and sponsors fairly and honestly. VIVA MUSIC is an honest and reliable tax payer, and we commit to supporting the economy of ROMANIA, the country we proudly represent.

I am very happy and I feel professionally accomplished looking back at 3 extremely successful music events VIVA MUSIC has organized so far: MELOTRON, the FIRST ROMANIAN DARKFEST, COVENANT.  We are planning on bringing only electro/dark/gothic acts to Romania.

Here are a few links to the music we promote:

In strict confidence: silver bullets; zauberschloss; manchmal; wintermoon; my despair

Covenant: bullet; final man; like tears in rain; call the ships to port

Melotron: liebe is notwehr; das hertz

Diary of dreams: the wedding; the curse; butterfly: dance!; menschfiend; son of a thief

And one: military fashion show; enjoy the unknown

Aesthetic perfection: the great depression; the siren; the ones; spit it out

Agonoize: for the sick and disturbed

VNV nation: Illusion

Remembrance of things past… I am grateful to Jim and Sheilah. They made me relive some of the best moments in my life. Below are some excerpts from their book about our lovely country, with more good than bad, and about a very young and enthusiastic Vivi…Viviana Ball née Palade, that would be me (lol).

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