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Management issues

by Viviana on January 17, 2017

in Personal

I have been comparing myself to others for so long. Most of the time I was so happy with what I found. I was content. About 8 years ago I got into money. My wife was content, too. I started helping and paying the bills for a lot of people whom I never liked, but I desperately wanted them to like me. My management position brought a sense of security and more friends who would really enjoy listening to my stories. They all gave me love. I got a mistress.

A lot of people who have no thinking of their own, or who haven’t found a purpose in life, don’t try to become a better version of themselves. My ego has been running my life for so long. I would wake up every morning and tell myself I was so great, that my job was so amazing, that my wife would love me no matter what. I kept telling myself that I was the lion who could never be defeated.

I met this woman about a year ago. She looked me straight in the eye and told me: you live a lie. Funny enough, I had told her nothing about my life, self-talk and beliefs. She just saw through me and told me the cold, painful truth: I was lying to myself.

Today, I would compare myself to a tulip: at night, it keeps to itself; at daytime it is all open and receptive. And that is the time when it loses its petals.

The more I look inside and I compete with myself, I love myself and I find my inner peace, the more I see the meaning of Life.

And lose my petals, of course.