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Castigatorii de la On Air Music Awards 2013 au fost:

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A fi sau a nu fi informat

by Viviana on December 14, 2010

in Personal

Nu ma mai uit la televizor si nu mai citesc stirile. Acum aproximativ un an am renuntat definitiv sa urmaresc porcariile care ruleaza pe un ecran cateodata prea ingust pentru atata prostie, fatarnicie, fariseism si [insert orice invectiv aici].

Daca nu ma mai uit la televizor si nu mai citesc stirile tembele scrise de prea multe ori de agramati nu inseamna ca nu sunt informata. Sunt foarte informata. Ma informez zilnic despre ceea ce am ales sa ramana important in viata mea: on-line (the new thing), industria muzicala (nisa electro-industrial), educatie, fotografie, calatorii. Mai nou imi reactualizez cunostintele de matematica de clasa a V a (pentru ca fetita mea este in clasa a V a), chestie de vreo 3000 de ori mai interesanta decat excluderea lui Geoana din partidul din care face parte – da, imi ajung la urechi stiri de acest gen.

Ce pierd daca nu mai citesc sau ascult stirile? Nimic. In timpul pe care l-as pierde ascultand tampenii pot sa muncesc, sa imi pregatesc linistita playlistul pentru emisiunea de duminica, pot sa postez stiri/articole pe Viva Music, pot sa pregatesc proiecte noi, pot sa ma distrez pe facebook sau twitter, sa colectionez timbre sau sa presez flori. Prefer sa tai hartie in bucatele din ce in ce mai mici sau sa dau de mancare la porumbei, doar sa nu il mai vad pe Badea aberand cu spume la gura.

Acum un an inca imi mai pasa ce fac si de ce fac ce fac altii. Acum nu ma mai intereseaza. Sunt fericita ca stiu ce ma face fericita.

How do you feel in front of a camera?

by Viviana on November 2, 2010

in Personal

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Just came back from an interview. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk about the DARKWAVE.RO FEST organized by VIVA MUSIC at Kulturhaus on November 12 (with PAINBASTARD, DESTROID, SLAVE REPUBLIC and FRANK THE BAPTIST). HEFE  (BRING THE NOISE) invited me to speak about our past, present and future industrial/electro/gothic music promo activity. The interview will be aired twice, on November 8 and 11, on Music Channel.

Why am I writing this post and asking for your opinion?

While I was answering his questions and so awesomely communicating with this amazing guy, I had the strong feeling that I was doing something slightly wrong in front of the 2 cameras. I had the feeling that I was too comfortable, letting myself be myself too much. Before going to the interview I reviewed the things I wanted to say in my head, and I decided I wasn’t going to be the erupting energetic volcano I usually am, on or off the camera. Well, as usual, it did not work. I got enthusiastic, I started talking fast, with passion, I talked freely and disclosed some partly confidential stuff about our work and, obviously mentioned Depeche Mode! I started selling work, passion, electro music, encouraged, thought positive and spoke accordingly. My daughter was there and she told me that I should never stop talking cause I look good when I talk, not when I look thoughtful and say nothing, and that she was sure I could have stayed there 20 more years and talk about Viva Music’s events and have never gotten tired.

Now, please tell me: what is better? Be yourself or carefully plan your video appearances? And why is it that almost every time I plan to be less enthusiastic and talkative the opposite happens? People, how do you feel in front of a camera? Or two? What do you feel and what do you do? Please help me learn more and share your experiences with all of us. Thanks.

Living for music

by Viviana on June 23, 2010

in Music

In 2009, I saw Depeche Mode live in Israel, Italy, Hungary, Spain (two shows). I also had tickets for Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal, but the shows were cancelled due to Dave Gahan’s illness. Still, the trip to Porto was good fun!

I also went to two major Gothic festivals in Germany:

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