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We participated in 3 editions of the beautiful Amphi Festival in Cologne, Germany. It is with great pleasure that I am introducing this festival to you and I hope that my photos and Viva Music’s reviews will convince you to visit Amphi soon. Here are the reviews by year: Amphi 2010 (day 1) review, Amphi 2010 (day 2) review, Amphi 2011 review, Amphi 2012 review and, as you already know by now, here are all my concert photos (for Viva Music) on Google+(Picasa).

Let the 2010 story begin with a shot of the sexy lead singer of Ashbury Heights:

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Our most recent “preneur”: Viva Music

by Viviana on August 6, 2011

in Music

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In case you haven’t connected A to B yet, Octavian Logigan and I have worked together for almost 10 years. Our most recent “preneur” (I felt like using this quote from The Social Network) is Viva Music (promoter of industrial/electro music, founded 2008). Please Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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Happiness, Viva Music, Wordland, Facebook and me

by Viviana on November 23, 2010

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This is a very short post about happiness. My devoted readers know by now that I strongly believe in handmade happiness. I believe in consciously making the best of every day. I believe in working hard, planning, thinking, always having a purpose, and at the same time enjoying the world as much as we can. Family, friends, music, traveling, photography, sharing, loving and caring are some things that come to my mind now, and I know for a fact that they make me very happy.

The other day I was talking to a friend who gave me a nice piece of advice: “you should start surprising yourself.” I guess that will soon be on my to-do-list.

Don’t forget to check this link for the latest news about Viva Music’s activity. We are developing, and thus getting more recognition for our work every day. And yes, we are bringing Combichrist to Romania on March 1, 2011!

Also, a new freshly revamped Wordland website will be launched soon. I will let you know at the right time when that happens.

One last thing: Facebook me here! (I loved “The social network”, I know you can tell).