ROUTE "69"

by Viviana on April 16, 2009

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My dear friend, as promised I have put together the list of Depeche Mode songs that you need to listen to before we leave. Brace up and load your i-pod.
So it happened that there are exactly 69 songs in this list, and as I was true to myself when I started it, I am not going either to add one or take out one…No way!
Enjoy! Let me know what you think afterwards.
One thing: don’t think that they are going to play none/most/some… They are just going to play, and whatever the setlist is, we’ll rejoice! In 5 countries.

Speak & Spell

1. Photographic
2. Ice Machine
3. Any Second Now
4. Big Muff

A Broken Frame

5. The Sun & the Rainfall
6. See You
7. Nothing to Fear
8. Satellite

Construction Time Again

9. Everything Counts

Some Great Reward

10. Stories of Old
11. Lie To Me
12. Blasphemous Rumors
13. People are People
14. It Doesn’t Matter
15. Somebody

Black Celebration

16. Fly on the Windscreen
17. But Not Tonight
18. Stripped
19. Here is the House
20. A Question of Lust
21. Dressed in Black
22. It Doesn’t Matter Two
23. Sometimes
24. World Full of Nothing

Music for the Masses

25. Nothing
26. Never Let Me Down Again
27. Strangelove
28. The Things You Said
29. I Want You Now
30. Behind the Wheel
31. Agent Orange


32. Policy of Truth
33. World in my Eyes
34. Enjoy the Silence
35. Blue Dress
36. Clean
37. Sweetest Perfection
38. Waiting for the Night

Songs of Faith and Devotion

39. Rush
40. One Caress
41. Get Right with Me
42. Mercy in You
43. I Feel You


44. The Bottom Line
45. It’s No Good
46. Home


47. Shine
48. I Am You
49. Goodnight Lovers
50. The Sweetest Condition
51. Breathe
52. When the Body Speaks

Playing the Angel

53. Lilian
54. John the Revelator
55. Precious
56. A Pain that I’m Used To

Sounds of the Universe

57. In Chains
58. Hole to Feed
59. Wrong
60. Fragile Tension
61. Little Soul
62. In Sympathy
63. Peace
64. Come Back
65. Spacewalker
66. Perfect
67. Miles Away/The Truth Is
68. Jezebel
69. Corrupt

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joacadeamine 10 years ago at 12:37 pm

Receptionat. Io o sa imi fac cum am zis un on-the-go si-l ascultam pe repeat! Nu am obiectii la playlist, dar am obiectii la faptul ca ultimul album se gaseste integral in route 69, pentru ca eu sper sa ne delecteze in concert/e si cu un ‘here is the house’ pentru mine si un ‘blasphemous rumours’ pentru tine. asa…

Vivi Ball 10 years ago at 1:00 pm

Am informatii (neconfirmate, evident) ca cica tre sa apara si STORIES OF OLD cat de curand…cica…asa, a la John the Revelator.

manifestomode 10 years ago at 3:00 pm

What? No B-sides? You need to listen to there b-sides your missing out. Especially the one,.well actually you ned to listen to the later ones cus I dont see any on you list. I only see on e b-side which is a good one but check out Martin there are way better, dont forget “shout” from “Speck and Spell” its just as good as “Ice Machine”With lots of love to ya. Oh check this one out and then go find it and buy it. Its a mix of a new b-side called “Ghost”

Vivi Ball 10 years ago at 3:53 pm

hello and thanks for taking the time to read the list. one comment: the list i put together IS NOT my favorite dm songs list!!!! Man, you must be joking! I would leave out of mu favorite list just about 5 songs only…Common!
This is a list of recommended songs for a friend who is going to join me to the 5 DM concerts I am attending this year. It looks like I am also going to Dublin, but that is in December….So, of course, all Sea of Sin and Dirt and Happiest Girl and Surrender and Lover Man and any Counterfeit should be on MY LIST. take care. Are you going to any DM concerts?

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