The miracle of the Internet

by Viviana on September 27, 2012

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Today, I run Cooking with Vivi and I used to post stuff, this is the right term, stuff, and then expect people to love me for what I wrote. It does not work like that.

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Scarisoara Cave (photo blog)

by Viviana on August 30, 2012

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This is a short photo blog in 3 parts about our trip from Bucharest to Scarisoara cave.

The legend says that the cave used to be inhabited by a dragon, and now it is a natural monument. The cave is famous for its 3000 y.o. glacier and, as a personal observation, it should also be famous for being one of the most difficult and dangerous places to visit for tourists. More on our visit a little later.

Part 1 – Bucharest to Apuseni Mountains

Our GPS was our best friend on the way to Scarisoara! It took almost one day to get there from Bucharest, but it was worth it. We drove through Calimanesti and Caciulata (Valcea), and we admired the beautiful river Olt defile:

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Luni, 13 august 2012 mi-a readus in viata o persoana la care tin foarte mult si pe care nu o mai vazusem de ani intregi. Sper ca Andreea sa nu mai dispara la fel de mirobolant din viata mea, lasand in urma-i o aroma suava de parfum fin combinat cu nebunie…

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Before regrets

by Viviana on July 4, 2012

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No name

  Amazing sounds and roars came to me first

So I was wanting you before I knew your face

And just the instant when my heart could burst

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I am alone in the huge room. I feel drawn to the television as if a little dwarf inside of it is calling my name. I know that I am doing something wrong. That is because my Grandmother and Grandfather don’t allow me to watch television. It is a waste of time. I don’t agree, but who cares what I think. I get closer to the small wooden box with a small sign in the bottom corner that says Electronica. My heart beats in my ears. My heart jumps out of my chest and bounces in the room like a crazy dwarf. I turn on the TV. I have to wait for a long time for it to start, I know that. All this time I listen to the door. I don’t want my Granny to catch me doing something like this!

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Ramele mele

by Viviana on March 25, 2012

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Pasarelele tipa asurzitor. E cald, penibil de cald. Dupa friguri sinistre natura s-a trezit artificial si acum pozeaza varatic intr-un martie fara capatai.

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We take a bath every Saturday. At 7 pm sharp my Granddad goes to the bathroom and turns on the gas to the boiler. The boiler is old. Granddad changes parts of it when it breaks. One time I remember we could all have died because the neighbor forgot to turn off the gas, but we were all ok in the end after a lot of smoke and apparently some funny noises I was not exposed to. Granny blamed the neighbor’s wife. It was just a little bit of fuss and my Granny cursing the careless wife of the policeman next door.

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We must be really poor. Or we aren’t, I never really get it. We have very good food compared to any other Romanian families. I eat salam de sibiu and chicken legs and all kinds of delicatessen from the Alimentara across the street. I see my grandmother sneaking from the house with all kinds of goodies my mother brings from foreign countries and coming back with food. I mainly see my Grannie carrying cigarettes. Kent cigarettes that you only give to doctors. There must be a doctor who gives my Granny food for me.

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These are stories from my childhood. I am now 38, so I grew up in communism. I will publish a lot of stories, more or less related to communism. In fact, they are all related to communism in Romania. This is the first chapter.

I open my eyes. Both my grandparents are snoring like trains.

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Va iubesc, oameni buni!

by Viviana on March 13, 2012

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Cateodata simt nevoia sa dau vina pe altcineva pentru ce mi se intampla. Evident, atunci cand ce mi se intampla e ceva neplacut. Macar am bunul simt sa ma repliez rapid si sa actionez. Nu e nimeni de vina de „ce mi se intampla mie”. Eu si numai eu hotarasc ce si cand mi se intampla.

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Daca fortele universului se intrunesc, insa, si imi joaca o festa, le iert. Daca nu ma lasa nici macar sa le iert, atunci ma resemnez. Si, de cele mai multe ori, ma imbolnavesc. Pe oameni insa nu ii acuz de neajunsurile vietii mele. Poate doar cateva minute. Am dreptul sa fiu slaba cateodata. Cine e slab cateodata stie sa fie puternic mereu. Va iubesc, oameni buni.