My life with Depeche Mode – PART 1 – A confession from Bucharest, Romania

by Viviana on April 27, 2009

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It all started 22 years ago when I saw Depeche Mode on TV for the first time in my life.

Robert, my all time best friend, at that time my high school mate (9th grade) and I were on a camp in Baile Herculane, a beautiful Meditarrenean-ish resort in southwestern Romania. Unfortunately, the last time I visited Baile Herculane (I think about a year ago) I noticed that the entire town was falling apart…

Back to my discovering of Depeche Mode. So, there we were, two 14 year olds, in the local disco in Baile Herculane, a remote place in Romania, very close to the Serbian border. I have to tell you that the western part of Romania has always been more “capitalist” and better supplied with everything from cigarettes (remember the DS and BT?), jeans, T-shirts, silver jewelry, to culture in general and music…
So, they were playing good English and American hits in that no name disco.
At the same time, on a tiny little TV screen they were showing some videos.
And that’s when I saw Dave for the first time. As the volume was turned off, so the TV sound would not disturb the disco music, I thought to myself: whatever music this guy is singing, he is the one! I felt I was connected, that I discovered the person who would make my life complete.
Well, Dave Gahan has been part of my life since I was 14. I am 36 (May 10!, one day after his birthday). The things that definitely connect us are, from my point of view, sort of prophetic.

– I died when I was 4. I put my fingers in the plug and got electrocuted. And so did Dave, only he was a little older and it wasn’t electric shocks!
– The other thing is that we are both Taurus.
– This year, in Israel, it will be the first time we celebrate our birthdays in the same country! And he is going to sing for me, the first DM concert I am attending this year, on my birthday (May, 10, on Ramat Gan stadium).
– And of course I can sing like him
– And of course I agree with him
– And of course he is just PERFECT.

Things that I remember about my life with Depeche Mode are probably things most fans remember.
– the thrill of listening to Violator for the first time,
– the thrill of listening to BLACK CELEBRATION and MUSIC FOR THE MASSES, the entire SOME GREAT REWARD (my favorite album), the pain, THE PHISYCAL PAIN (of pleasure, of course) I felt every time when I saw and listened to (probably around 10,000 times) EVERYTHING COUNTS on 101…and I can go on with Told You So, and Photographic and Ice Machine and Satellite and Monument and oh, my God!!!!
– the tears in my eyes watching 101 documentary over and over and over again, until my mother would curse me and promise to kick me out of the house,
– the joy (my joy!) I felt when my mother bought headphones for me, so I would not disturb the entire neighborhood listening to DM so loud,
– the incredible 4 nights/week adventures to the Depeche Mode illegal clubs (in communism we were not allowed to go, and still we did),
– the pleasure of dressing up before going to the Depeche Mode fan club (silver cross, special boots, belt, white shirt, black shirt, jeans we would unravel at the bottom by hand, with a needle, hats like Martin’s, leather biker jackets etc)
– the contests between Depechers who knows the lyrics better,
– the pleasure of writing down the lyrics of each song on every new album that appeared
– the looking up of every new word that I would discover (God, I will never forget the day when I looked up SUNTAN and GRIN – from Everything Counts…), and HALO and MESMERIZE and so many others for which I want to express my sincere thanks to Martin Gore, who wrote intelligent, beautiful lyrics that worked as a TEACH YOURSELF ENGLISH the fastest way for me.

I have been laughed at for 22 years because of my so called obsession with DEPECHE MODE. I am not obsessed with them, I am not a groupie and I have a life apart from searching the Internet for news about them. I am just another person who thanks Dave, Martin, (Alan) and Andy for making my life beautiful. The songs Martin wrote and – thank God! – is still writing feed my soul and my sensitivity and inner deep thirst for love and world discovery. I am not living my life through their music, but it definitely makes every day of my life brighter and happier. I will try in the near future to write exactly what I felt and understood from Depeche Mode lyrics, how they changed my life for the better and enriched my English vocabulary!

Now, this is just a beginning of a long story of my life with Depeche Mode. I am going to 5 concerts this year (Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Budapest, Sofia, Porto) and probably Germany and Ireland later this year. I think that SOUNDS OF THE UNIVERSE WAS DEFINITELY WRITTEN FOR ME and my favorite is GHOST.

Please write about the way Depeche Mode made your life better! They deserve to know that without even being there, next to you, they can work wonders! I am sure nothing can make Dave, Martin, (Alan) and Andy happier than reading how important they are, how much we praise them and think of them. Peace!

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somebody 10 years ago at 10:21 pm

YOU re soooo special! luv ya verry much and A HAPPY DM YEAR!

Vivi Ball 10 years ago at 9:40 am

thank you, somebody. have a nice dm year as well.

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