by Viviana on April 29, 2009

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This is my personal official Depeche Mode album ranking (in terms of track listening and number of tracks I like on each album)

Category 1 – contains 7 DM albums

Some Great Reward (1984) + Black Celebration (1986) + Music For the Masses (1987) + 101 (1988) + Violator (1990) + Exciter (2001) + Sounds of the Universe (2009)

(Vivi knows all lyrics, has listened to each album until she annoyed everyone around and alienated close friends, Vivi can sing along, etc)

Category 2 – contains 5 DM albums

Speak & Spell (1981) + A Broken Frame (1982) + Construction Time Again (1983) + Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993)

(Vivi knows all lyrics, listened to all these albums at least until she annoyed some neighbors, can sing along, etc)

Category 3 – contains 1 DM album

Playing the Angel (2005)

(Vivi knows 95% of the lyrics, listened to PTA in 2006 when she saw them live for the first time, in Bucharest, until she had people leave her company!)

Category 4 – contains 1 DM album

Ultra (1997)

(Vivi knows 75% of the lyrics, listened to It’s No Good and The Bottom Line until someone told her that wasn’t good….for her mental health!)

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