Last weekend in Bucharest, Romania – a few things worth sharing

by Viviana on February 1, 2010


    1. I went into the University metro station for the first time after its full reconstruction. Nice surprise to see the escalators are working and it’s clean and neat inside. It brought back recent memories from Brussels and Berlin…
    2. Another nice surprise was the newly renovated ticket place at the National Theater! Wow it looked fancy with that large screen and the theater plays rolling…Got tickets for Ivan Turbinca (30 ron=7.5 euro/ticket) at the Grand Hall and we enjoyed it big time. It is a nice dark comedy based on a story written by Ion Creanga (absolutely fabulous humor!).
    3. Bucharest Museum hosted a traditional Romanian food fair last weekend. The smell of sausages and all kinds of grilled pieces of pork was a little bit too much for a vegetarian (!), but I can still enjoy the display of cholesterol awarding traditional Romanian food products. You could buy cheese, wine, plum brandy, sweet bread and cookies, pretzels, sausages and tons of honey! All fat, greasy or too sweet, but, oh, so tasty! Take a look at the pictures. It was lovely and I enjoyed every minute of it.
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  1. Had a late lunch at the Little Dragon restaurant. I love Chinese food and I tried almost all Chinese restaurants in Bucharest. This one is a breath of fresh air on a fed up with either cheap and bad, expensive and bad or just expensive and pretentious Bucharest food scene.
  2. Dinner at Del Ponte restaurant – if you want to feel special and eat well go to Del Ponte. Parking and excellent service. Wonderful chicken and fish dishes, deserts and wine.
  3. Saw Law Abiding Citizen last night. I recommend this movie to the people who like suspense. A few scenes freaked me out!

PS I apologize for listening to the crappy music on the radio!!! God, all these new Romanian dance songs sound so annoying! I am definitely getting older and I am less open minded.

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octavian 9 years ago at 10:24 am

The funny side of your post is that all these places are within a fair perimeter of your – and everyone’s home in Bucharest; and we don’t go out – because they either bring back bad memories of moments we spent there with people who no longer are in our lives, or we are too tired, or we don’t have the money, and it’s a pity. I think we should always go out and realize our city has a remarkable quality about it.
Thank you for a beautiful – as always – post.

Viviana 9 years ago at 4:53 pm

Having a child makes you more responsible, and you easily get over any sad memories… Seeing my Adara happy and showing her interesting things about Romania, civic duties, music, respect, arts, life in general, especially now when I can talk to her about anything and she understands it (you know, she’s 9!) is the long awaited for prize of my life. Educating others is my gift (and I am lucky enough to be a teacher), entertainment of masses has been my other talent (and we organize concerts), still, being a mother is my blessing. If you ever feel memories are overbearing, take a child’s hand and talk to him about history or heroes. You will feel accomplished. Those eyes and the sweet concentration will make you feel A MAN.

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