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by Viviana on May 6, 2011

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Thank you for reading my blog! Such a wonderful surprise to see that my blog is interesting after all. Well, although I am too busy living (as I have already said last night), I have some computers for dummies tips to share today and I won’t refrain from doing it, as I find this new thing I am applying really useful.

I came to realize that I receive far too many emails. I keep blocking and blocking tons of addresses, and still, the emails seem to pour like an angry Nile into my Inbox. I was afraid of doing anything radical so far, but here is my solution that seems to work just fine.

This is the tip to getting less unwanted email into your Outlook Inbox:

In Outlook go to Actions, then choose Junk E-mail and the Junk E-mail options. So far I was afraid of choosing the High option, but a few days ago I did, and now all the unwanted emails go straight to my Junk E-mail folder and all I need to do is delete them at the end of every business day. I waited a few days to test this option first, don’t imagine that once I took this action I started writing this post! I am happy with this setting in my Outlook, and not even 1 relevant email went to the Junk E-mail folder! My computer is my friend, and it saves at least 1 hour of my time every day (I include here the time I spend reading junk messages out of curiosity and then getting carried away :). I am so happy my computer chooses for me and I can spend time doing something more important than reading junk mail!

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octavian 7 years ago at 1:52 pm

And for /webmail users, too!
Open your webmail. Before signing in to Squirrel or Roundcube or Horde, choose Email Filtering. There you will have the option to create a new email filter or edit existing ones. In order to create an email filter, you can select from a variety of options that broaden or narrow down your junk criteria. For instance, you can include one word in the filter and reflect on it as being optional, included, referred to, etc. Also you can reduce the access of email addresses, names, dates, reference domains a.s.o.
Save your filters and indeed for each piece of spam that doesn’t reach your inbox there are ten other spam messages that won’t reach you and your friends. Makes you think, right!

Viviana 7 years ago at 2:08 pm

I look forward to having these options in real life ;)

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