In Strict Confidence and Prague

by Viviana on May 12, 2010

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IN STRICT CONFIDENCE in Prague, Abaton Club, May 8, 2010

Prague is the perfect city: you can visit it on foot (let’s say the steps to the castle on the hill are a little hard to climb, but we aren’t that old yet). So, the old town, the small town, the center, the side streets full of cute little shops, the parks and the bridges can all be visited in 2 days tops, without hopping in and off buses.

Bohemian crystal (traditional souvenir stuff), beer of all sorts, cozy cafes, excellent food served either in elegant little gardens or in pivnice (cellars), cobble stone (sometimes pretty tiring!, but it looks old and genuine), grand castles, painters and craftsmen, stories, myths, legends, fairy tales, museums of all kinds (from a ghost museum to a pleasure toys museum), puppets and puppet theaters, cathedrals, churches, all easy to reach and logically explained on maps – make Prague a wonderful destination.

The reason why I went to Prague in May 2010 was primarily the In Strict Confidence concert @Abaton Club (I have to admit I envy the Czech for their geared club), on May 8 (Dennis Ostermann’s birthday – some of us choose to work even on their b-day:)).

I wore my lenses for the first time and I almost lost one in the middle of a very pleasant conversation! Well, my reaction was natural: Ooops! I’m losing an eye!

I took flash pics, and I am sorry I blinded Antje and Dennis forever, but I couldn’t leave empty handed.

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I tried to take pics without the flash and only God and Octa are my witnesses it didn’t work.

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Above are the pics I took during the Rabia Sorda concert (before ISC). And, of course, a professional photo gallery from Petr Klapper. A very special photo here. I definitely know when this pic was taken, and I thank Petr for that! A sweet memory from Prague, from Abaton Club, from a concert to remember!

Back to Prague: the photos from the ghost museum

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the torture museum

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restaurants, food, places

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Charles Bridge is amazing: the statues on the sides are quite a sight both from a close or long distance. In my opinion, Prague is the city designed for tourists, and I dare say that for the ones who can walk at least 8 hours every day! Prague has sights that need to be admired from different angles, increasing the impact and the beauty every time you watch a statue, a building or any other detail.

As usual, Depeche Mode were with me! As I entered a shop, a selection of older and newer songs from my favorite band was blasting!

I look forward to this summer’s trip to Germany. We are going to Amphi Festival in Cologne, and hopefully, we will meet many many friends and have lots of fun!

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