I wonder if my grandchildren will be listening to Depeche Mode or Beyonce…

by Viviana on February 1, 2010

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I am a mother and a business woman and I have already accomplished more than I expected in this life. Oh, well… I am 36 and only God knows what lies in store…

When my company received award after award from the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, I was happy. I think it took about 5 minutes every time, and then all my colleagues and I went back to doing what we know how to do best – work! The awards we got are all posted on a wall, near the entrance. People who come into our office (our clients) take a look at that wall and then put a large smile on their faces when they see us. And we work for them and they appreciate us.

I was hoping that Depeche Mode would win a Grammy. At least one. At the same time I told my daughter that I also expected they wouldn’t because this is what I had been used to expect from Depeche Mode. Oops! Not from Depeche Mode. From someone else, called the Grammies…

I guess I am just trying to put into words some of the mixed feelings I’ve had since I heard the bad news. In fact, I don’t think it’s bad news that Depeche Mode didn’t receive the recognition they deserve this time. There is always a next time for Depeche Mode to get awards and tons of history to back them up, while for some other artists there may be tons of awards but no history to back them at all… I wonder  if my grandchildren will be listening to Depeche Mode or Beyonce… (I regret seeing only 6 live Depeche Mode concerts on this tour. I think that watching a live performance by Depeche Mode is like getting your own personal Grammy, every time, all the time!)

Why did I mention my business? Because I know what it’s like to have a wall full of diplomas that mean almost nothing to you or your clients, and feel fully rewarded only when a client is happy with your company’s services! I think that a Grammy would look good on a wall, but the real recognition will always come from the Depeche Mode fans! We are always happy with Depeche Mode. For 23 years Depeche Mode have done for me and I have done for Depeche Mode more than any Grammy can do. So, they have my respect and nothing can change that.

You are blessed, my friends!

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Brett Widmann 8 years ago at 11:35 am

I hope your grandchildren take the route of listening to Depeche Mode. I can see where, culturally, Beyonce will be remembered as a music icon, but look at it from a level of influence. Depeche Mode has already inspired more musicians than Beyonce ever will. That’s a fact. She may influence current pop culture, but her music won’t be remembered as much as her image will be.

Just keep in mind, mainstream music nowadays, especially in the United States, is more about quantity over quality, and most of the music that isn’t mainstream is trash. It’s finding those precious and invaluable pieces of music that make it all worthwhile. Hopefully your grandchildren will be able to see and understand the value and influence, not what society pushes. :)

Viviana 8 years ago at 11:43 am

“…and most of the music that isn’t mainstream is trash”. i would say exactly the opposite. does that make me narrow minded? or just realistic? :)

Danny 8 years ago at 2:53 pm

Mainstream marketed music always was and forever will be for the most part garbage. “Crank out the trash” is what I would hear record execs say all the time. Just as with every other item that is mass produced – very little remains of what once may have been creative by the time it reaches store shelves. This is not the fault of the consumer but a result of greater forces at play. Children need to be taught to think critically, look behind the scenes, not accept everything at face value just because it is so. If armed with that ability, future generations will make choices that we will be proud of.

Viviana 8 years ago at 5:15 pm

I agree with everything you are saying, Danny. And I am doing my best with my daughter. I expose her to good music (to the best of my knowledge), we read, we dance, we travel, we cook, we do homework together and I never get tired to point out to her what is worth investing time and interest in and what is not. I spend at least 3/4 of our free time sharing with her what is valuable and useful for her future. I spend hours teaching her grammar, history and geography and I never get tired of speaking about music, films and heroes. I point out every positive thing that happens in our life and I praise her for every good deed. Guess what is the only thing I failed in? She does not like Depeche Mode. Yes, she does not like mummy’s Depeche Mode… I guess she is still young… haha…I was 14 when I started…
And I cannot ignore what Brett said earlier: most of the music that isn’t mainstream is trash in the US. If I say that most of the music that is mainstream is trash would anyone mind? Would that mean that I am not open minded and I don’t expose my daughter to everything as opposed to what I think is good quality music?

Danny 8 years ago at 5:49 pm

I think that the problem is not about whether something is trash or not; it is about choices and availability. There is an irony that marketing in the past ten to fifteen years in U.S. has become extremely segmented especially when it comes to TV and music and yet with far more avenues of media available to youth the trends are getting narrower. My guess is that this is a social phenomena resulting from saturation. In other words, there is only so much time in a day to get the attention of an audience. The demographic targeting is happening from all angles leaving less time for free will thinking. Again I have to stick to the belief that this is not the fault of the consumer but more of a consequence of allowing ignorance to saturate the masses and cloud judgmental thinking. I say, don’t like something because everyone else likes it – like it because you like it. Be an individual. That is the message that we have to get through to youth today.

Viviana 8 years ago at 5:57 pm

Allow an innocent joke: although it breaks my heart, I won’t torture my daughter with more Depeche Mode! At least for the time being…
I guess the fact that she likes And One and Panzer AG more than anything else is her way of showing her individuality.

Danny 8 years ago at 6:02 pm

Yes, give it some time … and just know that maybe she may never really like DM but hopefully recognize that their creative genius inspired so many and made for a better evolution of modern music.

Viviana 8 years ago at 6:33 pm

I bet you she will be a fan by the age of 14… “It is written in the stars above”… “I have all the time in the world”….

Thank you for your kind words and concern, and please note that as you have your trash we have ours. Ours is much worse and it is a social problem. The nouveau riche and uneducated choose the music and other forms of entertainment that inherently lead to a “wasted life” to quote a favorite band… After 45 years of communism and 21 of chaos (after the so called revolution in 89), Romania experiences havoc in every area…And as you said, it is not the consumers’ fault. We all just serve the interests of the people who want the masses to have relaxed minds and never think.

Brett Widmann 8 years ago at 6:52 pm

I really enjoy all of the discussion! Thinking about what I typed in response to your post (which was on very little sleep), I can agree with your statement on how most music that isn’t mainstream isn’t trash. I think I was being a bit too harsh and non-descriptive in my wording.

What I really wanted to convey was that finding that band, or even song that captivates and influences a person is what is the most important. I also didn’t look at the wide range of non-mainstream music that’s out there, rather I only considered a few genres.

You are by no means narrow minded. It’s ALWAYS good to look beyond the things that are fed to a person culturally en masse and to find something that’s closer to the heart.

Keep up the excellent posts. You now have a new reader. :)

Viviana 8 years ago at 7:16 pm

I totally agreed with what you said and i understood the message right away! I am going to quote you again, Brett, and I hope this time it comes through the right way: “It’s ALWAYS good to look beyond the things that are fed to a person culturally en masse and to find something that’s closer to the heart.” And I will add 2 things. 1. I don’t ever think I am special or above anyone else because I vibrate at select(ed) (read: enjoyed by a small number of people) tunes (read: anything that makes my heart throb) and 2. There is always such a battle in my heart between good and evil. The good: tell the world how great my life is, how much you can enjoy every minute My way, the evil: keep all goodies to myself and a few others who share the same ideas and probably have or try to have an accomplished human existence. PS: just learned a few things about google and soon I will read more select(ed) lines myself.

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