I live in an Inna-proof world

by Viviana on May 21, 2011

in Music

I’ve repeatedly said that as I grow older (possibly wiser, too) my focus shifts very slowly and I can barely get out of my almost obsessive thoughts and plans about my family and businesses. It is very hard to snap out of all these plans I construct in my head, emails, contracts, messages, partnerships and above all the cute little plans for my daughter and I to spend more quality time together. Call me selfish, but these days I concentrate most of the time on important things to me, not to other people.

There is always an event, a fact, a change that makes me realize that things are not exactly as you “plan” them to be. Today I had the proof that my ignoring huge chunks of the human existence around me leads to bad results.

What happened? I read this article about Inna in The Guardian, in my opinion full of generalizations. I quickly realized it was just envy that made this guy write a remastered version of an article about Romanians living in the sewers with a positive twist. While it states that Inna sold I don’t know how many albums (I could not care less about that, mind you) the article questions the number of paid downloads (in my humble opinion easily achievable due to the easy “click and buy” method). Well, you tell me if this is about Inna, or about something else ;): “And none of that really matters because if the 24-year-old’s pop career goes belly-up she could always, with the three languages she speaks, get a job in the Romanian High Commission (unless the languages are, say, Portuguese, Swahili and Gaelic), or she could become a professional swimmer (she competed as a child). Or, as a former estate agent, she could always build up an impressive property portfolio.” What about this: “Go on then, crazy big-selling Romanian estate agent pop music lady.”

I got carried away with this article, sorry. Not a good read if you are Romanian, that’s for sure.

What is the point of me mentioning this article? You won’t believe it! I read the article, I got all angry and I felt some instant sympathy for Inna. So, I went on Youtube and I played 3 songs by Inna. They are crap. But this is not the point. The point is I realized I DO NOT KNOW ANY OF HER SONGS. I have never heard her music. I vaguely remember being in Cologne and Laur telling me it was Inna being played in a music store, but I cannot remember the tune. So, back to what I keep telling you about getting older and wiser. If I managed to NEVER hear a song by Inna (because I don’t watch TV, never listen to crap radio – unless it’s electro/industrial radio – I don’t go to popular clubs, etc) it means that my system of defense against mainstream and time wasting activities IS WORKING PROPERLY!

I live in an Inna-proof world where things are great. But I don’t like reading articles like the one I mentioned above. Again, “tonul face muzica”.

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octavian 8 years ago at 12:21 pm

Do you remember all those moments when I am volens/nolens left out of the conversation because what the conversation is about, is a tv persona or a tv scandal? Well, I am happy my system works, too. I stopped watching TV and went on selecting and timing my own entertainment at my own pace and with my own taste, and I don’t feel that makes me inadequate in many ways. Of course, the easy way out is to claim tv does indeed provide the kind of entertainment you want, but the thing is, it’s just handy and it requires little analytical work for you. And this is how things work with Inna as well: she may be somebody – undoubtedly, and no matter the means, she IS, but it also depends in whose world she is so. Not in my book, for sure, but then I do appreciate the fact she gets all this worldwide coverage. I don’t always appreciate the quality of that coverage (take for instance the Guardian piece), but that comes in the price.
And one more thing, I assume your opinion is not very different from mine to this respect either, she DOES need a local publicist to do a better job for her, she’s easily become the freak of freak show biz because people don’t know how to handle her kind of success.

Viviana 8 years ago at 2:25 pm

people who inspire me: octavian logigan!

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