I have become a complainer! (3)

by Viviana on February 19, 2010


Ok, too many general complaints. I will go into detail today. I will write about things and people that bother my Romanian life. It’s all about me and my personal discomfort. God help me remember as much as I can, if not I will serve you another helping soon.

1. Food I dislike (or related): steaming shaorma places in Bucharest! People who sell seeds, people cracking them open and spitting in the street, chewing gum on the back of your chair in cinemas and restaurants, tasteless icecream nicely served in malls and fancy restaurants (paper tastes tastier), sprayable whipped cream, fruit and vegetables from Turkey (every supermarket sells them), fish not cooked properly in almost all Romanian restaurants (don’t order saramura unless you know the place!).

2. TV I don’t watch (cause it’s a waste of time): all Romanian soap operas and quite a few American series not worth mentioning. All Big Brother and American Idol type shows and definitely every Romanian crappy show on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening (I can only remember 2: Folclorul contraataca and Schimb de mame). Good question: why am I writing in English? Hmm…because I know all Romanians have a pretty good knowledge of English and we need to tell the world something, not keep it to ourselves…Ah! I think Calinescu is worse than Badea.

3. Music genres I can’t stand: for the purposes of this question can Fuego be a genre?

4. Magazines that annoy me: 99% of them. And that is just because I am a teacher and I cannot help noticing even the smallest grammar mistakes or illogic statements. And I feel it’s a huge waste of time to read something written by people who usually hate their jobs, and whenever they write something good, it’s about something that someone paid for…I bought some nice magazines from Germany. I mean, nice as in good looking! As soon as I learn German I will enjoy those, probably… Yes, it is also about the looks of the magazine. If it’s glossy and glamour, then it should look shiny and attractive!

5. I am polite to, but…: people who talk to me respectfully, even when they bore me to death, people who ask for help and I don’t have the time and I feel bad about it, people who are new to a situation and don’t know the code of conduct.

6. I don’t think about: as much as I would like to write something in this section, nothing comes to my mind. I guess this confirms that I don’t think about things I don’t think about!

7. Pisses me off: people who tell me I’m wrong when I show them undeniable proof that I am right, people who pretend they don’t understand what I am trying to say just for the hell of it, people who don’t treat me with respect when I am buying something from them, people complaining to me about their jobs, financial situation, lack of this or that when it’s clear as daylight they are not even trying to do anything to change that, people who know better how to run my life, this country and why not the whole world, people who have used Twitter for too long to keep breaking the same rules over and over again, people who wave me into parking lots even when it is clear that I do not have the intention to pull in, winking at me (in general), strong perfume smells (cheap or expensive perfume in large quantities makes me vomit), strong bad smells (I won’t go into details), loud manele, D&G bags (or any other clothing item of the kind), people who hate (be it people or things)

8. I despise and try to stay away from: people who persist in the same mistake over and over again, people who think they have more rights than other people, people who beat their children, people who abuse other people in any form, people who have vices and are not even trying to give them up, people who do evil things just for the hell of it, people who are evil and manipulate other people, people who made money fast (especially after our so called revolution) and think they own Romania, people who speak loud on their mobile phones in restaurants, people who use all kinds of gears and gadgets for cars, phones, etc, just to attract everyone’s attention, people who say they know it all and they are nobodies preaching to sympathetic listeners, people who have never accomplished anything in their lives because they never tried, never wanted to try, never tried to try, people who are bad in their jobs (especially when they stay in the same job for years because…and they give you a million reasons, the truth being far from those stories), people who take credit for others’ success, people who expect other people to support them, pay their bills and be nice to them just because…, people who don’t like the music I like a priori, and don’t even make the slightest effort to listen to In Strict Confidence at least (common… if that is too much, ok, Depeche Mode…something!), bad teachers, bad professionals of any kind (especially teachers, as mentioned above), people who overcharge me, cheat or steal my money directly or by lying to me in order to get money from me, so they make a big story about a law suit they lost and they need to pay back tons of money, people who don’t apologize sincerely, people who spend time in an unproductive way, people who live for living, people who don’t understand the meaning of their own life, smart and capable people who don’t do their job properly and expect to be cheered for their wits at work and not for their work results, people who don’t understand that life is about projects, deadlines, success, attempts, failure, friendship, love, dedication, fun and more love, people who simply waste my time with crap either live or online, people who don’t understand the words yes and no, people who try harder to make you believe what they are not, not what they really are, people who have tried to change me, my life, my values or my principles, people who are unhappy with themselves and don’t put an end to their own misery, people who blame others for their misfortunes, people who read what other people write and say they could have definitely done it better, people who count the days until something happens, and then they are totally cool on that day pretending that it’s suddenly not that cool to live that moment, people who don’t like people because they can be a threat to their unborn children (that is, of course, about hate in pure form, any form of “–ism” or phobia), people who hate people from a country and have never met a person from that country (that does not apply to languages lol), and last but not least Romanians who hate Romania but don’t leave our country, Romanians who left Romania, leave abroad and suddenly become gurus from diaspora. If I have ever made a mistake that falls into one of the above categories, it means I was just too young. At least I don’t persist in my mistakes.

9. I hate: once you mention the people you hate, you create sympathy for them…lol. Well, I was not designed to hate. I cannot hate. Sometimes I just wish I could hate (just a little bit, please…). And I end up thinking of my daughter, a Depeche Mode song or what I have to do on that day or a generally positive thing and I realize again I cannot hate. Designed to lack the feeling of hate, said my creator. Still, the condescension and contempt I feel towards so many people qualifies me at least in the quarter finals for the position of official hater! I have strong positive feelings most of the time, and when I sink into misery, it’s usually because I fail in something. So much for what I hate in this life…or not.

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