I have become a complainer! (2)

by Viviana on February 8, 2010


Thanks to Liz’ post, here I go again.

As long as I still hear Romanians complaining about everything and doing nothing about it (be it their own life or Romania in general), as long as I receive poor services and fight incompetence and indifference (although Romanians are so smart!), as long as there is garbage everywhere and Romanians drive like maniacs (always in a hurry but always late), as long as I get the “Yes, I’ll do it immediately” reply that never translates into reality, as long as rudeness and shallowness are the characteristics of too many teenagers and adults who don’t take the time to read a book, but prefer to listen to a music that seems to come from the Ottoman Empire and watch the most disgraceful and tasteless videos and talk shows about nothingness – I will still be complaining about my own country but continue loving it.

I am not saying that I can only see negative things in our country! God forbid! We have the best country in the world considering… But we still need to work on a lot of things, and it deeply hurts to see that Romania is so far behind other countries! Of course you have the right to ask me what makes me better than other Romanians, and why am I complaining? Well, I have earned my right to complain about the laziness and incompetence in Romania the very second I started a company that pays salaries to individuals and a lot of tax to the Romanian state. The second I invested (as an entrepreneur) the first Leu (or Euro, or USD whatever) in businesses that in time proved to be well managed and profitable (and yes, we pay tax…) I earned my right to complain. I have worked my but for too long for the companies I run to feel ashamed of saying what really bothers me in this country.

I think our problems come from the lack of education, as well as the lack of civic responsibility and community spirit. I, for one, have been trying very hard to get rid of my communist habits (note that I was 16 at the revolution). It took a while before I managed to manage my companies properly, thinking ahead and planning. I took no management, marketing or accounting classes in school or college, I only knew my job very well (teaching) and I had the strong will to contribute to the improvement of the Romanian business environment. I went to courses, masters, meetings, conferences and strived every day to learn something new from books, colleagues, clients, etc. And I still am. Every day.

It would be a good thing to try to help, respect, talk, listen, and work together for a start. Competition is good, but not when it is just another imported disease. Respect is great, but not when it becomes asskissing. And so on and so forth. I admire the Germans so much. I have written about their politeness and rules many times. Germany would be a great model to follow, and a pretty easy ready-made recipe of success. If we only elected the right people, patriots with the right vision, able to implement changes, change the changes that have wrongly been made in the last 20 years. The right people for this country seem to be watching from a distance and acknowledging the fact that Romania is so corrupt and still ruled by communists, that it makes no sense to try anything. With this being said, the vicious circle has been completed.

All developed countries, full of resources or not, are developed because they have a system that works. Honest and righteous people who know how to obey and apply rules lead them to success. I guess although I am comparing apples to pairs, they are both fruit, so I will dare compare a country to a company. Both need to pay salaries and sell to customers. Both need to keep an eye on expenses and make reserves. Both need fixed assets and good employees and sometimes a good ol’ firing is recommended. But what I think makes the difference in both cases is an honest, hard working and experienced CEO who always sees the big picture. More on stuff that bothers me personally in a new post. Until then, complain if you feel you have earned the right to do it!

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Tadasus 9 years ago at 3:18 am

I think that romanians and generally the people that complain and do nothing about it didn’t hit rock bottom yet. When they will they will realise that they need do work and act responsible to get up again. You gave a good example about germany, as i was saying they did hit rock bottom to get up again. Personally i’m waiting for Romania to hit rock bottom , for real , to get up again and be better. Unfortunately Romania was a wealthy country and the way to rock bottom is long and slow and paved with corruption, cheating and stealing.

Viviana 9 years ago at 12:00 pm

The whole world is full of similar stories. As I have already said, there are many things I don’t like about Romania, but this does not make me love our country less. I hope more and more people will realize we are on the safe side now, leave second thoughts aside and act! Do something, whatever that is. Bitching without doing something is our second nature. Still, I know many people who try and do things for this country. From joining facebook causes to paying tax (I have an obsession, I know). And there is something else I haven’t mentioned, but I know you will understand me: in general, I cannot hate. Literally. I am not able to do that. But for dictionary’s sake I will say that I hate Romanians who live their life trying not to miss opportunities that (sometimes) never come. Sitting target, sitting waiting, anticipating nothing (to quote my favorite band). Ok, life is full of surprises…but Dumnezeu te ajuta, nu iti baga si in traista…

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