I have become a complainer! (1)

by Viviana on February 5, 2010


“Normally, I try to accentuate the positive and not dwell on the unpleasant things in life. For example, I’m running 24 miles on Saturday. My attitude? GREAT! Bring it on, suckas!” – Losangelista

This is the first paragraph of a post that I have been longing for, like a Depeche Mode new release or a pic of Dave with a Love, for Vivi line! Take a look at what a brave woman who knows how to write very well has to say  here. I took the liberty to follow her pattern and borrow some of her witty remarks.

It all started building in my head once I read Liz’ post about becoming a complainer. And I remembered US citizens were born and grew up with the liberty (and sometimes the duty) to complain. Responsible citizens ought to complain, because criticism brings perfection. Or at least forces things to change for the better. A society in which freedom of speech is a normal thing usually builds on more solid ground.

For 45 years until our so called revolution in 1989, we, Romanians did not enjoy the right to complain. Or to make negative statements for the matter. We could not say anything against the regime (Ceausescu’s dictatorship), we could not speak, write, even think about anything that was in any way in another line than the perfect one chosen by the son of Romania! Well, all these being said, you may now understand why my pleasure at bitching is even greater!

Oh, if you were wondering what happened between 1989 and 2010 in Romania from this point of view, I will tell you. In my opinion, nothing much has changed in Romania until very, very recently and you should take my word for it.

I strongly believe that things really change in a country for the better only when its citizens are educated and become responsible. Educated as in “my mother told me I have to open the doors for girls, help old people, do charity work, participate in community activities, etc.” Things that one should respect, cherish, apply automatically and do altruistically. Things that one does without thinking why they do it. Education comes from parents, country, community, sometimes even genes. As long as I live in Romania I will complain about the bad things happening here, but I will not ever give up doing what I think is right! Even when 99% of the Romanian companies are not paying tax, mine will. I will not give up my principles. I am a good Romanian citizen, and I will always be one. And I will complain, people, until some of us (I include myself now) will learn about how to better ourselves. I am sure that what I say here will piss a lot of people off, and that is the point! So, I may also learn something from my readers. I’ll tell you more about this in a future post.

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los angelista 8 years ago at 9:53 pm

Vivi – This is really touching. We Americans definitely take our ability to complain for granted. Thanks for putting it into perspective.

Viviana 8 years ago at 10:02 pm

the craving is that obvious in my post? all those years of not being able to say what you think? and sometimes not even know what to think? thanks for the feedback. at least 2 more parts to come.

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