I am such a prude

by Viviana on August 29, 2011

in Personal


I like things. I like many things. So many things… I like the way they pile up and they grow in numbers and explode and jump like flowing from a crazy spring of things. I like innervating the spring of things so it spits out more and more things. Sometimes I am totally uninspired, and I end up going back to the old pile of things I already like. Anyway, I always have my pile of things I can play with. I can count them, enjoy them and sometimes share them. I can calculate their worth and sell them all for nothing when I think it’s time. I can always get them all back just by playing a good old song I am not going to name. However, there is one thing I cannot do with my things: I cannot mix them with other people’s things. I am such a prude.

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