Happy birthday, Dave! Happy birthday, Vivi!

by Viviana on May 5, 2009

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May 9 and May 10, 2009
Happy birthday, Dave! Happy birthday, Vivi!

It is the first time Dave and I are going to celebrate our birthdays in the same country. I am going to Israel to see Depeche Mode live on Ramat Gan stadium exactly on my birthday, May 10. I think luck is a light word for this! The PERFECT gift for my birthday is a Depeche Mode concert. I will live every moment of it listening very carefully to the frequencies of which I vibrate…the DM vibes.

What else is special about my Depeche Mode year? The other 4 concerts I am going to? The thought of the thrill of waving my arms on Never Let Me Down Again? Or the immense hope filling my heart, my mind, my soul that I will have the chance to see Everything Counts live? My favorite Depeche Mode song for 20 years now? No….I cannot be that lucky…It’s my birthday though, so I can make a wish: be it that DM will do the best Everything Counts ever as the last encore on my birthday, May 10, 2009, the day when I turn 36. It is said that women start feeling old after they turn 36. God, I feel younger than ever!

I have another wish for my birthday: I wish when I am 47 to look as young as Dave and still feel like now. Young and a 100% Depeche Mode rewarder.

I will try to post pictures and a few comments after each concert I am attending. There will be a lot of self irony, but still tons of exaggerated admiration for Depeche Mode. So, unless you are a fan, don’t read the reviews! I will NOT try to be objective. Who is anyway?

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kaleid 10 years ago at 5:57 pm

Si cu Bono cum ramane? … :P

Vivi Ball 10 years ago at 5:57 pm

pai creca ramane cum am stabilit…

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