Happy birthday, Dave Gahan!

by Viviana on May 9, 2011

in Music

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I decided to write a post on Mr Gahan’s birthday for several reasons:

I have never written a post on his birthday
He is probably the most constant male figure in my life (lol) since I can remember (I think the first time I saw a Depeche Mode video was when I was 14 and I am going to be 38)
He is one of the persons who gave me joy and happiness and I thank him for that!

In my highschool years: I remember waking up every day in my bedroom and kissing a poster I had with Depeche Mode, I remember years after years in my room listening to their music until the cassettes broke and I needed to buy new ones, I remember writing down the lyrics of their songs and checking up the words I couldn’t understand in the dictionary.

I still cannot understand why it was only Depeche Mode, I cannot explain the Depeche Mode frenzy in my life, the uplifting feeling of hearing a Depeche Mode track wherever I was, around the world, and immediately feeling proud and saying: I am here, so someone must play Depeche Mode! How can anyone explain my urge to dedicate a full section of my blog to Depeche Mode?

Well, there are so many memories related to my being a Depeche Mode fan I could write forever! I guess the memory that deserves a star on my DM walk of fame memory is May 9, 2009 when Octavian and I entered a bar in Tel Aviv and they were playing It’s No Good. That happened on the night before attending the first official concert of the Tour of the Universe. And a lot of Depeche Mode concerts followed, and I enjoyed all of them!

Dave Gahan is 49 today. Happy birthday!

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octavian 7 years ago at 11:04 pm

And happy birthday Vivi! :*

Viviana 7 years ago at 11:37 pm

remember very clearly yelling IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, NOT DAVE’S!!! lol

doulfe 7 years ago at 3:14 am

happy happy :D

Viviana 7 years ago at 3:35 pm

ce mai faci, fata frumoasa? >D<

doulfe 7 years ago at 12:17 am

Incerc sa nu o iau razna :))

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