Great Romanians: Our doctors (my Granny is better)!

by Viviana on August 15, 2010


Some time ago I decided I was entitled to bitch about Romania. I have earned my right to complain. I am a good citizen, I am a tax payer, I support my country and proudly represent it. There are so many things I would change about Romania that it would take an Encyclopedia to list all of them.

Today I am not going to complain, but speak highly of a group of Romanians who have earned my respect and gratitude over the past 3 weeks. My Granny, who survived tuberculosis (at the age of 22) has been very sick lately. She got pneumonia. The only lung hospital in Bucharest is Marius Nasta Hospital. I took her to a private clinic first, and then they told us to go to a remote place I barely found (I am not good with orientation) called something funny with a Z (later found out Marius Nasta is the general name).

The second we arrived I wanted to turn around and leave. The building, the patients, everything about that hospital was creepy. I felt we were entering a war camp. I immediately realized it was not about my likes and dislikes, but about my Granny’s health, so we entered.

That was the moment when I realized that the poor conditions of the Romanian hospitals they keep talking about on TV should not always make the headlines, but the kindness and respect and dedication of the staff should! I was amazed to see how well my 90 year old dear Granny – who is practically blind and can barely move and hear – was treated. Wonderful doctor Iacobescu (a small big hearted woman in her 40’s) actually listened and cared about what was going on with my Granny. She suggested treatment, gave me the option to either take her home or stay with her in the hospital. The nurses went the extra mile to protect her and help her.

As I promised myself, I need to contribute, even if it is in a very small way, to the renovation of the hospital. And I will! Romanian medical staff are wonderful and I thank them for getting my Granny back!

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Vík. 8 years ago at 5:50 am

True HEROES use to live just round the corner, and not in the movies. They do miracles every day. We have to be enough humble for respecting them.

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