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by Viviana on February 7, 2010


On Saturday, February 06, 2010, Ana Maria Vizanty and the “Aripi Românesti” Association celebrated 100 years from the birth of the fighter pilot Dan Valentin Vizanty, brave Romanian patriot of modern times, at the  Romanian Air Force Museum. The museum will host a photo exhibition related to Vizanty’s life and career until April 19, 2010. General Ioan Dicezare, Ion Dobran, Dan Antoniu and Dan Melinte spoke about the life and bravery of Dan Vizanty. Vizanty fought in the second world war and received 8 medals of honor, later to spend 5 years in communist prison.

The atmosphere inside the huge museum building was nice and warm despite the freezing cold outside. 3 children and I found out new things about Romanian pilots and scientists. Here is the flyer we were offered at the entrance to the museum.

dan valentin vizanty 1

dan valentin vizanty 2Here is a gallery of photos I took in the museum

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Museum contact: Address: Bucuresti, 2-4 Fabrica de Glucoza Street, sector 2; Phone/Fax: 04021 – 232.04.04; Email:

The role of Romanian scientists and pilots in the invention and development of flying objects

On the website of the Romanian Air Force Museum there is a detailed presentation of the beginnings of Romanian aviation. I also recommend Ralph Cooper’s website for more info on early Romanian aviators.

Highlights: Romania has a rich tradition in the aviation field. At the beginning of the 20th century, flight pioneers like Aurel Vlaicu, Traian Vuia (inventor, who designed, built and flew the first self-propelling heavier-than-air aircraft in Europe, in 1906), and George Valentin Bibescu brought important contributions to early aviation history.

Between 1906 and 1915:

Traian Vuia found the solution for mechanical flight,

– in 1910 the Romanian scientist Henri Coanda built the world’s first jet engine and made important discoveries in aeronautics and physics (such as the Coanda effect),

Tache Brumarescu designed and built the first aircraft in the world to take off vertically which flew on 27th May 1911, and Vasile Dimitrescu developed a project of invisible aircraft (in 1914, when the first airplanes were being built and radars were not used!). In 2000 the Russian scientists used a similar project for an invisible plane.

– As a young lieutenant, Prince George Valentin Bibescu, owner of the 20th license issued by Aero-club of France, performed the first flight on an international route, from Bucharest to Ruse, Bulgaria via Giurgiu, in September, 1910.

Hermann Oberth, founder of modern rocketry (known for the Oberth effect) was also a native Romanian, born in Sibiu.

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Zoltan Zemlenyi-Kovacs 8 years ago at 12:33 pm

Dear Ralph Cooper (or other kind/helpful person),
I got know something important about Aurel Vlaicu’s life. To tell you the truth I d like to know more. I hope you can help me or I can tell you something very extraordinary about Vlaicu’s love-life. It wasn’t so lucky. But its also unlucky that my English isnt so great to tell you the full story but I have found my great grandmother’s diary. Her name was Hortensia Cristea. She was born in 1890. She lived in Bozes next to Bencenc which is calling now Aurel Vlaicu.
Please contact me because I d like to know anything I could about her and about him as well.
I hope to hear about you soon:
my email address:

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