Amazing Gothic/electro/dark festivals – check the photo galleries!

by Viviana on February 4, 2010

in Music

I am writing this post having 3 things in mind:

1. One should never postpone sharing with other people things they find interesting/beautiful/funny/worth speding time on, etc so I am writing again about my favorite music.

2. I strongly believe that the electro/dark/Gothic scene will grow, attracting more people who are sick of the commercial music so strongly promoted these days. See my post “I wonder if my grandchildren will be listening to Depeche Mode or Beyonce…” on the same subject.

3. All music lovers should go to at least one Gothic Festival in a life time. If not absolutely fantastic in every way, it offers another totally different view on both music and fashion.

In 2009 I went to Leipzig to the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival, the largest and by far the most popular Gothic event of the year. It gathered 20,000 fans of the dark scene last year. According to the first organizer of this festival, the first edition had 200 visitors and it grew very quickly. Over 160 bands, tens of locations all around Leipzig, great performances and good fun. A review here. Link to photo gallery here.

I also went to the Blackfield Festival and I enjoyed it even more as the lineup was made up of bands I really like. It gathered 5000+ people and it was absolutely impeccably organized. The location is perfect both for taking pics and enjoying nature at the same time. Take a look at the pics I took, and read my review if want to find out more about German festivals!

In 2010 am going to Amphi Festival. The people who know my taste in music will quickly guess why I am so thrilled! This is the lineup

Here is a list of the most popular festivals I know:


MER’A LUNA – Germany





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