God’s dislike button

by Viviana on March 11, 2011

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For some of us the ultimate thrill in life is love, for others it’s hate. Some have too much time on their hands, some work too hard. Some dedicate their life to what 99.99% of the world think is mere stupid or useless. Some of us think that what they think is awesome, while others live all their lives thinking that what they believe in is too small to be even talked about.

I hate the Internet for making it so easy for so many to express themselves. There should be a ban on truisms online. I generally don’t hate, but I cannot help noticing that my timeline on too many social networks is crowded with unimportant things.

Still, going back to what I said before, so many of us think that what they think is important or shareable. Well, who sets the boundaries? Who says that you or I are wasting everybody’s time? I just wish there was a God who uses the Internet and owns a dislike button .

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Louise 7 years ago at 1:23 am

Hate is something I don’t do although dislike yes there are things I am not over keen on. I guess we all have our passions in life however different they maybe be none the less important to us. It doesn’t mean they have to be important for you, nor should it mean anyone should make you feel less than for things not being important to you. The price of social networking you’ve just got to love it.

Viviana 7 years ago at 1:28 am

love your comment, as always. hate is something we should all hate :). still, mere stupidity is something that should be censored. so, if we cannot put an end to it, there should be a higher power to decide. otherwise social networking is just a waste of energy for the people who have something to say. don’t you think?

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