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by Viviana on May 13, 2010

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After reading Liz’s post on getting old(er), I felt enlightened again!

Grammar: a year ago I started GMS-ing. I decided to ignore Romanians who don’t know how to write in Romanian.

Forgiving: in the same manner, I don’t forgive so easily anymore. I erase people from my life as easily as I zap through TV channels. I have learned in 37 years that once people make 2 mistakes, people always make mistakes.

Diet: 3 years ago I realized no diet works for me! I will weigh 65-70 kg for the rest of my days.

The Internet: it makes me happy. It used to annoy me 5 years ago.

Age: When I tell people I am 37 (I started being 37 2 years ago) they compliment me on the way I look! (oh, you look so much younger!). This happened for the first time when I turned 35. For so many years no one complimented me… I wonder why does this happen? Pity?

Girl: I feel funny when someone calls me: hey, girl! I feel like turning my head to see if my daughter is behind me.

Friendships: ….and still, I suddenly feel very close to people of the same age and sex as me! Although I sometimes realize the only thing that connects us is age…and I enjoy calling them: girl!

Going out: I realize that these are the last years I have the chance to go out, so I hysterically drag my child to all kinds of concerts I like, so maybe one day she will take me with her, too! (if I behave, probably!).

Talking to 20 year old’s: I started calling people “kids”. It works in Romanian! When they politely say: “but you are not that old to call me kid…” I answer: “I am 37”. There is a weird silence before they all explode into: “ohhh, I couldn’t tell, you look much younger” compliments…

Hannah Montana: I don’t understand how a 9 year old can like Hannah Montana and Aesthetic Perfection at the same time cause I only like AP…

Traveling: I book as many low cost flights as I can, even though I end up not using them.

Movies: I watch too many vampire movies for my age, but I don’t find that weird! (Well, I always liked vampires and similar legends full of heroes and lovely fairies).

Music: I know Depeche Mode is a legend already (:(), so I try to reprioritize for live acts! Thank God for German electro bands!

Patience: I am getting more and more patient with children, friends, students and clients every day. Still, the patience to listen to things I am not interested in or watching movies I don’t like is proportionally decreasing.

Importance: things in my life are increasingly being categorized as: important and the rest.

Happiness 1: I am happy when I see my child, my family, my friends, my colleagues, when I listen to music, when I accomplish something, or when I visit a new place. I can’t think of anything else right now.

Happiness 2: I am happy when I see 20 year old girls look like walking disasters.

Clothes: I wear anything I feel like wearing! It’s the last 2 years (or it was a long time ago…lol) I can do that.

Passion: I sometimes feel my passion for the things I love and my work doesn’t go with my age anymore. But my passion prevails, like Depeche Mode’s Strangelove!

This is me now. Not for long!

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octavian 8 years ago at 2:19 pm

Allow me a few personal comments. As we’ve been sitting across from each other for the last 8 years (give or take one month), and since we’ve ‘tried out’ talking, listening, understanding, everything, I have a few comments to add to your list. Getting old or older does not make sense other than biologically, and of course, we’re too messed up in pollution to be really connected to our bodies and feel the aging processes, really. Now, if you talk about getting old(er) from a different perspective, I don’t buy it. It may be the x years difference between us, but still. I get to see people whom I recognize as my seniors a lot more often in venues I used to go to; does this mean that older people tend to go out more often? Or is it that I used to be age-blind and it’s only now that I’m awakening to this reality? I guess I’ll have my own answer to that in not so many years, after all.
As for patience, forgiving and believing in people and things, I guess it’s not an age thing, unless you think of it as an epoch, rather than an age you find in your i.d. I feel that there is a silent consensus about being less patient, less forgiving and less of a believer these days, it goes hand in hand with new economic premises and alternative lifestyles we haven’t seen before. As they are escalating, it becomes obvious that we’re in the wrong age and time if our reference is our ‘age’. And now, before I get out of this vicious circle, I just wanted to say that life is really beautiful and worth living. And that you’re a walking example for all people who’ve let their own lives down. Happy birthday!


Viviana 8 years ago at 2:46 pm

i don’t have the same patience listening and watching the parade monstrueuse anymore, but i believe in people and things more than before. the right ones! belief is also something that grows stronger with age, as you narrow down choices to just an important (usually low) number. thanks!

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