Funny weekend stories

by Viviana on October 16, 2010

in Music

My daughter and I are going to Labyrinthic Metal Evening at Silver Church tonight. I could not miss the opportunity to tell you two really funny things related to this rock festival.

The first one happened last night, when I decided to dress up in my best Gothic outfit and go to this event. Yes, a day earlier. I was not surprised at all to realize that the guys were preparing the Silver Church for a regular disco night. I had found a very convenient parking space, so it had to be something wrong! And it was the wrong evening.

So tonight, my daughter and I are going (again, in my case) to the Silver Church club, this time hoping that the 7 bands we are supposed to see (or the 2, or 3, or none) will be there. Obviously, the parking space will not be available, but we will think positive and try to produce one.

The second really funny thing is what my daughter (9 y.o.) said while we were discussing what to wear tonight: “I am not going to wear any makeup!”, she said. I asked her why. She said “I want people to recognize me”. And after a moment of reflection she continued: I want people who don’t know me to recognize me. Cause I guess no one  knows me there”. I think that was very funny. A minute later she also added: “And another reason why I am not wearing makeup tonight is that I also want you to know who I am all the time at the concert”. 9 year olds are amazing. Especially when they are our children.

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