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For You, My Valentine

The love letter you should have gotten a long time ago. The love letter I have longed to write.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” copyright BD

What are you thinking right now? What are you doing? Are you listening to music? What music? Where do you live? What other sounds do you hear? Do you have a sore throat? Are you scratching your head, rubbing your eyes? Are you tired? Happy? Alone? Is someone calling you? Is that a FB update? Are you going to wash your hair tonight? 

Did you have a purpose in mind when you started reading this letter? Just think for a second. Are you reading this to kill time, or do you know me, follow me, or are you just intrigued? I would love you to give me the latter answer.

Now that I challenged you to ask yourself questions, ask me questions, too. Why am I writing to you? Am I lonely? Am I happy? Am I afraid of losing you?

My dear, you have not landed on my letter by chance. There is no algorithm that will keep you on a rookie writer’s page unless you understand something beyond the letters on this screen. The energy that connects us, the ones who drip through the funnel of this article, is powerful. These words are just a means to reach your soul. They are the bells of life tolling. I am grabbing your heart with both hands and I am hugging it to my chest until you consider our connection. I am not letting you go.

This is not another self-discovery rant. For you only, I have set a wake-up call. I know who you are and why you are here. You are hungry to be seen when you read my articles. You want to read my pieces about you. I am equally eager for your thoughts and feelings. Please share them.

“The stigma”, copyright The Vivi

These words are about you and me. About our vulnerability, weakness, despair, and curiosity. About the desire to be heard and seen. I don’t know how to post quizzes and insert motivational videos in my pieces. Maybe I will learn. I am simply writing from my heart right now. Our shared words on this screen are an invitation to connect. A signal we are already connected is that you haven’t left this page yet. We are sharing the pulsation of these words now. We both feel the vibe, the love I am sending using my clumsy words (in Romanian, the word we use for clumsy is “lefty”.) I am a lefty, too. Pay me back by putting a smile on your lovely face. That lovely face I hold in my hands when I embrace happiness.

I am from Bucharest, Romania. Where are you from? Who are you?

Would you be my Valentine?

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