Electro music passion, Darkwave.ro fest (III) and Bucuresti FM music show tomorrow!

by Viviana on January 8, 2011

in Music

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This is a post about electro.industrial music. If you are not into this kind of music, stay here! Don’t go anywhere, don’t leave this page. I may surprise you so pleasantly that you may want me to write more about one of my leading activities and great passions: ELECTRO MUSIC!

Electro music is electric. Electro music makes you jump for joy and follow the beat like a maniac. It makes you feel special and submit to the band or singer who conquers your senses.

Most of the artists in the scene don’t make music for the money. They all have day jobs and sometimes find it very hard to take time from work to follow their artistic career. I know at least 100 bands whose members are IT guys, photographers, lawyers, restaurant owners, social workers, etc. I also know some people who made music their exclusive business, and now they own record labels and produce music as well.

Why is Viva Music, the company I run in Bucharest into electro music? Because I love growing things. Because there is no unfair competition from incompetent and corrupt idiots, as the business is no money maker. Because the people in the scene are proud, honest and talented as hell!

The electro scene was inexistent in Bucharest back in 2008 when we started promoting bands like Combichrist, In Strict Confidence, Diary of Dreams, Melotron, Covenant, Das Ich… Later we decided to dedicate a small festival to the Romanian scene, so on Feb 14, 2009 we organized the First Romanian Darkfest, sponsored by Romtelecom (a company we admire for the vision and dedication). The second Darkfest (we changed its name to Darkwave.ro) took place on Nov 12, 2009. Now, we look forward to the amazing Project Pitchfork, Rabia Sorda and Tenek to perform at the third Darkwave.ro on January 29, at Club Cage in Bucharest!

Some videos of the three bands:

Project Pitchfork: I live your dream, Timekiller, Carnival, Souls, Existence, Beholder

Rabia Sorda: Walking on nails, Heart eating crows

Tenek: Less is more, The art of evasion, No time for fighting

Don’t miss this event, or you will be really sorry!


Our FOURTH electro music radio show on www.bucurestifm.ro (98.3 FM) is on tomorrow from 19:30 to 20:00 and from 20:30 to 21:00. So it is important that you don’t go away after the first 30 minutes and stay with us for both sections of the show!

Any playlist suggestions from you are welcome!!! (please click on the links to see the other shows playlists): Playlist 1, Playlist 2, Playlist 3.

Listen to the greatest electro music show tomorrow on the most open minded and visionary radio in the world! Radio Bucuresti is a national radio, not an online, niche or sponsored radio. I am so proud of Bogdan Crutescu, the host of the “A la chart de weekend” show we will be on again for playing non-mainstream music!!!

I will be on FB during the show, so if you want to say hi, please follow the thread I will start at 19:15. The livestream is pretty good, too on www.bucurestifm.ro.

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