Do mention the source of any photo you upload!

by Viviana on January 2, 2011

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I guess I could have tweeted about this instead of writing a full post about the subject. Still, there is a lot to say when it comes to intellectual property, so I am going to write a few lines about photo copyright only.

I am a fan of photography. I enjoy discovering the beauty of remote places, animals, people, etc on the Internet. I love concert photography and it gives me great pleasure to discover new galleries of artists I like. There are many talented photographers who share their pics for free, so we can all enjoy things we cannot see for ourselves otherwise.

Well, the other thing I enjoy (that is why I like Stumbleupon so much) is to discover who are those people who took the photos, where they are from, what other work they have done before, what interests and experience they have.

That is not possible when someone posts a photo under and exciting heading such as “This is a really cool pic” and there is a plain link to a photo, without the source. That makes me really angry. Who is the person who took that pic? Who worked hours to process that pic so we can all enjoy it? How dare you lure me into clicking on the link and not tell me who the photographer is? This is as low as a Coca Cola ad!

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Brett Widmann 8 years ago at 1:02 am

I usually feel the same way. I really dig photo blogs (I’ll be starting one of my own up soon, too), but it’s really nice to know where the photo came from. A lot of times, too, it’s illegal not to have the source of the photo cited.

All of these things I am going to try my best to put into consideration when I make my photo blog, but not sure exactly how I will go about doing so.

Viviana 8 years ago at 7:24 pm

I really like the fotocommunity blogs. this is mine, and i think i am going to pay for an extended service: let me know when yours is ready, i am really looking forward to your photo blog!

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