DM’s Sounds of the Universe – My Universe

by Viviana on March 31, 2009

in Music

A few things that I have been feeling/thinking of lately thanks to you know who!

  1. All tracks on this album are about me, refer to me, slightly or entirely, completely, crazily and inevitably. Especially Corrupt. And especially all the others. In any order.
  2. I think that I am morally unwell and my name is Jezebel – Sade’s refined Jezebel and “a gentleman doesn’t mention a lady’s name in a barroom” just keep popping in my head for no reason.
  3. I think I am living two lives in 2 parallel Universes, in which more or less the same things happen, depends on the perspective.
  4. I feel that I am wasting all my time in another world, in another place.
  5. I feel that I can easily be corrupted.
  6. I feel that a light will always shine in the heart of me.
  7. I am sure that people are basically the same and peace will come to me. And I will see you (!) light up the world. It’s an inevitability. See the connection? Well, I do.
  8. I feel the same pleasure I used to feel when I was listening to Violator for the first 1000 times listening to SoundsMiles away/The truth is I still love Personal Jesus… See the connection? Now, something has changed. We shuffle our feet through the desert, we don’t stomp our feet anymore. We pose again.
  9. Strike a pose. Hollywood. Wrong.
  10. Many, many similarities to Ultra, Playing the Angel and Exciter. Too many too mention. Too few the words to praise the choice.
  11. My favorite (does that sound stupid or what?) DM SOTU song is Peace and, although it may sound like blasphemy, I cannot help but think that the difference between PEACE and PISS is just a matter of spelling.
  12. Last, but not least, pour les connoisseurs, listen to In Chains, from minute 01.09. And then think of Achilles Agony and Ecstasy.

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Roberto 10 years ago at 8:40 pm

….pour les connoisseurs….totalement vrai !!!

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