DM’s Sounds of the Universe – My Universe (2)

by Viviana on April 2, 2009

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As mentioned before, Sounds of the Universe is about me. It is entirely about me, and sometimes (only sometimes) – although not entirely – extensively. It is my right (probably wrong!) to say that it is about me. The second any track is released, people have the right to apprehend the lyrics, the music, the innuendos, the history and the experiences behind it. It is not important for me, at this point, to understand why other people feel connected to SOTU. Not anymore. I stopped thinking of what other people think about my likes and dislikes a long time ago. I don’t need anyone’s approval for anything anymore.

Well, my favorite is still Peace. I am still Jezebel aka Lillian for the past 3 years. Thank God Martin changes the female names from time to time! Just for a good laugh: they could have given Little 15 a name, but she is underage! Sister of night has never been really named so far either. So, unless I cannot really think straight right now, I am the two DM named girls in one! Ah! And another thing: the unnamed girls are either 15, 16 or 18 as far as I remember. Little 15, and now you’re only 16, girl of 16, whole life ahead of her, and the other one who kills herself in Blasphemous Rumours is 18.

A few more things about Sounds of the Universe, then. With your permission.

No need to say what the intro sounds like. It would be a truism.

The last seconds of Little Soul sound like Ultra.

The next song, In Sympathy is, in my humble opinion, the strongest, most powerful and wisest of them all. And it so reminds me of Playing the Angel! Don’t get me WRONG! Peace is the masterPIECE of the album, but In Sympathy really reflects a healthy way of living.

Something totally off the subject. I used to teach Romanian to a group of Marines. They nicknamed me MasterP (the rapper name of John Cena, wrestler). I just noticed that the word masterPiece is, after all, a sort of Master P!

Back to In Sympathy. The message is very strong: THEY, the bad people, your enemies, the stupid, the ass kissers/brownnosers, the low, the cowards, the liars, the irresponsible, the envious ones are always there. They all drown you in compliments or God knows what other means they pursue just to own you somehow. Well, you seem to have only one option: to live in your own world and know your right from wrong. They are yours so you cannot be wrong. It’s logical. YOUR right and wrong will always be right or wrong. So smile in sympathy. Serenity is the word. Your patience never ends. Why would it? You are the teacher of your own lesson, playing by your rules and using the manual you wrote. You pause or play, you can even quit altogether.

Unfortunately, there is a downsize to all this. Of course there is. God is sometimes either not entirely in control (if He is who allows the bad to exist?) or just sometimes bad, cause this is the way things are. The disadvantage of living in your own world (the In Sympathy world) and patiently witnessing the happenings of the world is the fact that you are alone there. And your choices are sometimes cowardly. They have to be, ’cause otherwise you may need to interact with the bad ones… So you choose to head for the door, in a sad parade and be on your own. The only conclusion for me is: I am happy with my world, at least to some degree. I will always smile in sympathy. And gather up the fears.

My world isnot perfect. At least it’s mine, and that is the first reason why I respect and cherish it. Given to me it was somehow… I am not living in chains even though sometimes are realize all I have to do is feed a hole. I don’t want bombastic coming backs from anyone. I strongly believe that the truth is always miles away. Not only that the truth is that people are miles away. My only sin/weakness is that I can easily be corrupt. Peace will come to me if it hasn’t already. As I go through labors in my life, I need a little peace after each labor. For quite some time I thought I was born with the wrong sign and there’s something wrong with me chemically. Well, it’s not entirely true. Everything is an inevitability. Sooner or later I realize I’ve learned something new, even from my worst life experiences. In fact, these are the ones that cost the most (time, money, energy) but the payback is greater. It’s like enrolling in an intensive language program. You pay dearly, but you learn a lot in a shorter period. You are required a greater effort though! Anyway, the existential Brownian human agitation never ends. I am just a pawn never knowing what I am moved towards. Unfortunately I am always asking for more (of anything that can easily and wisely be put on hold for the next life!). That’s me, human and weak. As life on the whole is too unpredictable (like the sun and the rainfall), I will just take breaks off life to give my thoughts a shape, trying to cut out existence and rip out as many pleasant moments as possible. The thin line between love and hate is unhealthy. Once I realized the fact that I cannot love unconditionally I stopped altogether. I stopped thinking that love is the ultimate purpose in life. Serenity is the word. Also, wasting time in another world is wrong. The downsize in this case is that a lil kindness will always go a long way. Kindness is the word. The bottom line is that a light will always shine in the heart of me. I will remember to forget I didn’t pull the trigger.

All the above is about the way I understand SOTU. The way it speaks to me. The way I understand it. Now, as I am a teacher, let’s go into details. ( as I haven’t already!):

About my past: In Chains, Hole to Feed, Wrong, Fragile Tension (maybe past and recent past), Come Back, Perfect, Miles Away.

About my present: Little Soul.

About my present and future: Peace.

About my past, present and future: In Sympathy.

I am Jezebel.

Miles Away is my Personal Jesus.

Corrupt is my Violator track, and it is about me entirely.

Peace has the pace and serenity of Get Right with Me.

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FRW 9 years ago at 1:58 am
Vince Delmonte 9 years ago at 12:27 pm

Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to the man from that forum who told me to visit your blog :)

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 8:40 am

I’d go for some Romanian red wine! Cheers before the experience of the Universe.

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