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Right after getting off the Germanwings plane (2 hour flight) we jumped into a bus that took us to the Berlin Mitte (center). From there, the adventure of getting to the hotel was no adventure at all, as Germany’s transport is very well organized and logical and you simply cannot get lost. Still, for me even the clearest directions seem complicated! The fact that I managed pretty well with the transport in Berlin, was a first in my life!!! I managed to read maps and figure out quickly how to get to Warschauerstrasse, Alexander Platz or Friedrichstrasse… Well, for all of you reading this it may seem nothing, but for me it was another reason to feel proud!

Berlin was definitely a different experience compared to the western part of Germany. The buildings are just huge and everything seems to be on a larger scale. The view from the TV Tower was fantastic, but I cannot say the same thing about the restaurant. Man, it looked like the old Intercontinental top floor restaurant in Bucharest! The roads are large and clean and although it was snowing like hell, hundreds of machines were cleaning the main streets.

My pics from Berlin

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The hotel Michelberger, my home for 5 days, was literally next to the o2 arena (400 m) where Depeche Mode gave a great concert on January 09, 2010. On January 8, I went to 2 Depeche Mode preparties. Unfortunately the so called And One vs. Depeche Mode party at Last Cathedral did not go as planned (setlistwise). The one at Postbahnhof on the other hand was lovely as AndyK from Melotron was dj-ing there and the music was marvelous.

Pics from the preparties in Berlin

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It was freezing cold all the time, and on the day of the concert I could go back to the hotel to change and freshen up which was great. The first visit to the venue occurred on January 09, at around 16.00, as I imagined not so many fans would stand in the cold to wait to get in…

Waiting to get in:

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At 6 sharp they let the people in (2 hours before the concert started). Nobody pushed, pulled or yelled! The atmosphere was joyful and calm. No need to say that the security was absolutely perfect and we all entered the venue in no time. It is no joke when they boast about the fact that 100,000 people can enter and exit that venue in 15 minutes…It was amazing how quickly we exited, back to the freezing cold and cutting wind and snow.

The concert was the best I have seen so far in terms of 1) chemistry between Dave and Martin, 2) audience and 3) the great spot that I had!!! The full set of gestures accompanying the so well known by now part after Home when Dave comes on stage after Martin’s solo looked (at least to me!) like the Germans dancing at the table, beer in their hands!!! For sure all of them had a great time and Dave was absolutely exhausted at the end! He went back to the great screaming a little bit, but it blended in wonderfully. Another nice thing was the fact that I was practically in the second row of people standing. So I could see every detail, every move, every touch! So I could also see Dave and Martin sit on Martin’s side of the stage to watch a full song by Nitzer Ebb. Dave was almost head banging and enjoying it big time!

During the whole concert Dave spoke a lot with the audience, pointed, laughed, enjoyed every minute of it. And he called Martin with a French accent again! And he called Martin THE SON OF MERCURY, FREDDIE before Stripped! My favorite moment was when Dave listened to Martin’s guitar for quite a longer time than usual and then pinched the cords in a very warm and tender way. My second favorite thing was Insight for the first time. My favorite song was by far Enjoy the Silence and I remembered again how many beautiful moments of my life I owe to this band.

Depeche Mode Berlin 2010 concert photos

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The setlist was:

In Chains
Hole To Feed
Walking In My Shoes
It’s No Good
A Question Of Time
World In My Eyes
Miles Away/The Truth Is
Policy Of Truth
In Your Room
I Feel You
Enjoy The Silence
Never Let Me Down Again


One Caress
Behind The Wheel
Personal Jesus

Here is a link to a good video of Insight.

Luckily, the afterparty was a few blocks away, at Postbahnhof (10 min walking distance from the o2 arena). As too many people were flowing in after the concert, we decided to go to the Speicher (the second afterparty, anyway it was on the way to the hotel, so why not?) where I was pleasantly surprised by the Dj who played Clean, Flexible and My Joy (among other great Depeche Mode tunes) and it sort of felt like Dodo’s Dookie.

Depeche Mode afterparty, Berlin 2010

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Another absolutely wonderful Depeche Mode experience! I look forward to the next concert I am going to attend in Antwerp, on January 23. See you there!

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