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All the blues and the reds get to me…

Very subjective comments about the Depeche Mode concert in Tel Aviv – May 10, 2009

Before anything else, here are some photos I took in the Holy Land.

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Now, a few things about the Depeche Mode concert in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 10, 2009 (my 36th birthday!!!). This was the FIRST real Depeche Mode concert (as the warm up concert in Luxembourg was not exactly the real thing). I am not going to go into details about the actual singing/playing part, but write more about my Depeche Mode experience in Israel. I think that, all in all, the Depeche Mode concert I attended on May 10 is the best one I’ve ever been to. I am probably going to change my mind very soon as we follow them around this year, as the quality of the shows increases every day!

10 things about the band and their performance:

  1. Dave Gahan’s got a brand new incredible voice.
  2. Dave said Good evening Tel Aviv twice. I guess he just felt like saying it the second time right after singing I feel You and before In Sympathy… It just fit in there.
  3. Dave dropped the PTA screaming, thank God! He does not sound like a rocker anymore. Don’t shoot me but I didn’t like it.
  4. Dave Gahan’s moves and smiles are the sexiest and coolest. He looks better than in the 80’s!
  5. Martin’s outfit, OMG, he deserves a prize for that!
  6. The 80’s sound – they are back!
  7. The lights and sound were perfect.
  8. The new album tracks sound great live – I am so happy.
  9. Waiting for the Night is a great (PTA tour) Goodnight Lovers. Kissing and hugging Martin included.
  10. Only one little thing that was not entirely perfect. I had the feeling that they are still looking for the let’s say PERFECT form for each song. For the old ones, nothing to comment. For the ones from Sounds of the Universe they are still trying out a few things.


  1. In Chains – SOTU
  2. Wrong – SOTU
  3. Hole to Feed – SOTU
  4. Walking in My Shoes – SOFAD
  5. It's No Good – ULTRA
  6. A Question of Time – BC
  7. Precious – PTA
  8. Fly on the Windscreen – BC
  9. Jezebel – SOTU
10.  A Question of Lust – BC
11.  Come Back – SOTU
12.  Peace – SOTU
13.  In Your Room – SOFAD
14.  I Feel You – SOFAD
15.  In Sympathy – SOTU
16.  Enjoy the Silence – VIOLATOR
17.  Never Let Me Down Again – MFTM
18.  Stripped – BC
19.  Master and Servant – SGR
20.  Strangelove – MFTM
21.  Personal Jesus – VIOLATOR
Encore 2:
22.  Waiting for the Night – VIOLATOR

Arriving and waiting for the night

We arrived at 2:00 pm at the Ramat Gan stadium, a little off Tel Aviv (by bus, beautiful experience with a lot of Depeche Mode fans who were fascinated by the fact that we had a piece of paper with the Depeche Mode setlist… from Luxembourg, obviously). I am not going to comment anything about the stadium itself. I just hope for the better in Bucharest, Sofia, Budapest and Porto.

The crowd

Around 200 people were already there, at entrance no 19 to the stadium. They all looked excited, dressed up and half tanned already! The concert tan is by far the fasted and funniest you can get, as you always end up with stripes and sleeves that don’t go away for weeks… The fans were either taking turns or playing at the same time the same Depeche Mode tunes – Strange Love and Enjoy the Silence ruled while waiting at the gate. I learned 2 words in Hebrew while waiting: DESHE (grass, meaning that the fans had standing tickets, on the grass area) and HAMESH (five, meaning that at 5 they open the gates). We took photos and enjoyed the atmosphere. The average age was 25-30. At 10 seconds to 5, when the gates were supposed to open, the thousands (already) of people waiting with us started the countdown from 10 to 1 in Hebrew. I just guessed what was going on, and I appreciated the joy in everybody’s eyes. I nearly died when I realized that we WERE ALLOWED WITH CAMERAS! Damn, I had left mine at home, like I always do…I took nice photos and videos with the Sony Ericsson though. At 5:04 they let us in. The rush to the grass was incredible. People were laughing and crying at the same time. We arrived and we quickly conquered the 2 spots that were going to be our “home” at the concert, for around 6 hours.

Opening acts

The other 2 acts before DM were both great. A round of applause for Terry Poison (Israel) and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (GB). Terry Poison did a short DM cover in one of their songs, I apologize for not remembering which one (from Speak&Spell). The lead singer of YYY’s dedicated a song to DEPECHE MODE!

Here is a gallery of nice photos I took from the minute I left the hotel to go to the stadium, to the very second before the Depeche Mode show!

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The Depeche Mode show

The sound and the light show were absolutely amazing. I can’t think of anything else but the line from Love in Itself “All the blues and the reds get to me” when I remember the show. The red and blue are the predominant colors of the projections, etc. The huge screen (it was a huge one!) behind the stage is a delight as you can follow the live show and see a few very evocative images as well. I am not going to make any comments about the lesbian show. I think the whole idea to those images is the red that covers the screen afterwards, but anyway…

The show was sold out (50,000 thousand people) who, according to the Jewish press of the next day, LEFT WITH A LARGE SMILE ON THEIR FACES.

The Israeli DM fans are really impressive. They had put together an excellent and high impact documentary with a few of them (including their families, kids, etc) expressing themselves in front of the camera, obviously about the coming Depeche Mode concert. It was played a few times on the huge screens on the sides of the stage. Everything you would say to any of the people at the concert they would turn to you and say: WRONG! God, we had a good laugh about that, and we still do.

Another very nice thing I saw was a banner that read: WE KNEW YOU WOULD NOT LET US DOWN AGAIN! That is a hint to the fact that 2 Depeche Mode concerts had been cancelled before this one, and all the fans were looking forward to this concert. Another more personal thing was the fact that while still waiting for the concert to start, we discovered that 5 of the people in the group we got friendly with were half Romanian! Unfortunately, the only thing we shared was the passion for Depeche Mode and not the Romanian language. They all knew the swear word in Romanian though!

We sang Happy Birthday to Dave after Martin said something like: “As you know more about ourselves than we do, you know it was Dave’s birthday yesterday.” Then we all sang. And it was lovely. And Dave looked sort of touched. Reach out and touch Dave! (that was another banner I saw on the stadium).

It ended at 11:04 pm. We left marching to the RIGHT drum after a wonderful show. And as we all know, so fresh. We have months of concerts (probably better or worse, but still Depeche Mode concerts) to look forward to. 2009 is my Depeche Mode year and I am lucky.

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massimo 9 years ago at 4:46 pm

I hope that 18 june will arrive soon. I wanna see DM in Milan, in my town, in my stadium. As for your description probabily this will be the best tour never seen….

By Massimo

NiNo 9 years ago at 5:41 pm

Thanks for this!

I live in Sweden and has tickets for the comcert i London in two weeks and I’m really looking forward to it!!

Thanks a lot for the review!!!

All the best


Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 6:02 pm

my pleasure. i hope we will have the chance to see them…with these rumors…

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 6:03 pm

yeah…if it will be any…let’s just hope.

Nikos 9 years ago at 11:37 am

your comments and post is the closest experience from DM that Greek fans will get this year. The concert was canceled the last minute in Athens, as Dave got ill. More than 30.000 people, including me, left from there really frustrated and worried…
I have to say that I really envy you all in Israel…but I also thank you for sharing your experiences..

All the best

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 11:49 am

Dear Nikos, just imagine that as you did for your country, I have tickets to Bucharest (may 16) and also Sofia (may 18). I also have tickets for Budapest and Porto in June and July. I am so upset I cannot even work… Of course I am lucky I saw them on my birthday (may 10), but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! And a sick Dave is the worst thing that I can imagine these days.

Nikos 9 years ago at 11:58 am

I cannot work either…and not just me, it is the main discussion here in Athens, as too many people anticipated this concert for more than 2 years. their last appearance in Athens was 1st Aug 2006, if I remember well…have in mind also that today’s concert in Constantinople is also canceled.. we are wishing to him to get well soon, and see him on stage some time soon…

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 12:07 pm

if you guys are talking, just imagine what is going on in romania!!!! at least you got over your disappointment… we are waiting still. what can i say? there are 50,000 tickets sold. they are not selling tickets anymore, and building the stage was halted.

Nikos 9 years ago at 12:16 pm

the halt on the stage building is not a good sign….you may be in a waiting status but eventually you will be informed..I assume not 5 minutes before the start of the concert..and you will avoid all the fatigue.. I drove 40km..parked 6km away the concert venue.. walked there…waited…got excited when the lights dimmed down…and then an announcement found us all with the mouth open..

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 12:23 pm

oh, my God! i didn’t know that the lights dimmed as well…oh, my God! the frustration…i have been a fan for 22 years. i can’t imagine.

Nikos 9 years ago at 6:23 pm

I am very sorry that both concerts Bucharest and Sofia are also canceled….

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 9:43 am

Nikos, sorry is a small word for all of us now. the chance to see them again in Romania was something we’ve been waiting for for 3 years! I also have tickets for Budapest and Porto at least…so let’s just hope that Dave recovers quickly. At least the Romanian organizer was well aware in advance and they let us know 2 days before. I still can’t imagine what you felt (I don’t know how much of a fan you are, sorry) when another guy came on stage in Greece to tell all of you Dave was sick. OMG!

Nikos 9 years ago at 9:58 am

the point is that guy looked like Andy (have also in mind that I was 100m away) and most of the people started cheering…but the blond lady asked for our attention…As I told you I missed the previous concert for personal reasons…but I have organized everything for this one, I have rescheduled business trips, I have changed meetings times, fixed my car (it wasn’t working for more than 1 month)…so you can imagine all the preparation…but now the only thing I can think of, is to organize a business trip to London in December…haha

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 10:06 am

well, why don’t you think of a trip to budapest on june 23? maybe he’ll be ok until then…

Onishka 9 years ago at 6:15 am

At the last Depeche Mode concert in Bucharest, I wore something with fishnet sleeves.
Guess who had the most interesting tan for 2weeks! :P

acaseforlove 9 years ago at 2:46 pm

Again drugs.. I don’t understand Dave anymore.. Well, Istanbul was cancelled.. But still chance for me to see the shows in Berlin and London..

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 6:11 pm

onishka, i wore white on saturday night…

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 6:16 pm

i do understand dave… i am a taurus, as he is. his birthday is may 9, mine is may 10… depression all around. i have tickets for budapest and porto, but to tell you the truth, now i just feel pain in various ways. god, let’s hope it’s not drugs, nothing else than gastroenteritis…or how you spell it… there is always hope that dave is bright, and strong, and he knows his right from wrong, at least to some degree…

Ana 9 years ago at 11:39 am

mmmm, i liked your coverage on this…i could indeed feel every word of it…unfortunately, the Belgrade show, where i had to go, was one of the cancelled ones…i wont go into words of grief and disappointment, but being my all time favourite and most respected band, you can imagine how i feel…DM have done so much in my life and for me as a person, that this is not just, a concert to go to, it has a great emotional involvement as well…I saw them in Sofia in 2006, from the very first row, and maybe it will sound pathetic, but that was the best night in my life ever….DM are just incredible with their power on stage…
All i can say is that i hope Dave gets better…ranting about how *I* missed a concert is rather selfish, coz after all, we are all human, it can happen to anyone
Thanks for sharing…ill keep up with this blog from now on if you dont mind :)

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 11:45 am

Ana, I cannot have said it better… I am 36 and lived all my happiness and sadness with DM. When I was pregnant I played Dm for my daughter (who turned out to hate DM after all :), hey, it’s a free world. I can understand the power and emotional involvement… I feel the same way. And there are a lot of us out there hoping that Dave gets better and honors the rest of the concerts. I guess DM is our drug and we need it IN LARGE AMOUNTS! Take care, dear Belgradian!

FLO 9 years ago at 4:33 am

WTH? Im sorrry Acaseforlove but you are absolutely wrong to think its drugs.
first of all its gastroenteritis… which is a sickness in the STOMACH and INTESTINES… NOT due to drugs…
and in case you havent been around for the past 15 years: Dave doesnt do drugs.

if he were, he would have been caught a long time ago.. and would have been dead too.

FLO 9 years ago at 4:36 am

hey vivi bali!
im going to DM in france (carcassonne)…
the problem is ive got seats in CAT 2… it might be far from the stage…
where were you seated?
and the problem is, im als taking a plane to get there…. i arrive in carcassonne at around 4.
do you think i would get bad seats? should i try to get a plance the day before?
im really worried. im paying so muhc to see them. and i really dont want to be dissapointed by my seats when i get there…

if you have any more comments or advice, it would be great….
thank you

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 11:46 am

make me understand…you are arriving on the day of the concert? i hope not, cause then you are in deep trouble. cat 2 does not sound good at all if you are a fan and you want to see Dave (hopefully he’ll be ok by then) from a close distance. the advantage though is that you will have a better view of the pojections and of the show in general. enjoy!

Vivi Ball 9 years ago at 11:49 am

the only thing we can do unless our name is jennifer and we are dave’s wife (who definitely knows the truth, let’s hope there is nothing else than enteritis) is to hope that dave will get better and DM management will have more consideration for all fans around the world.

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