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Words are not enough to express what I felt in Budapest on June 23, 2009, on the Puskas Ferenc stadium. My heart beat faster and the overwhelming feeling that Depeche Mode is my life was never stronger.

Budapest is a cool city, with large roads (Vaci Utca rules), good food (goulash rules) and very cheap beer (0.33 Euro for a 0.5 l beer). I arrived in Budapest straight from Germany (after the Blackfield Festival), on June 22. The weather was obnoxious, and so had been in Germany (4 days). Hope for a little sunshine at the Depeche Mode concert on the next day (June 23) was absolutely normal. We were not that lucky though…

The day of the concert was cloudy and we hoped it would not rain. We found parking near the stadium easily. We saw fake T-shirts outside the stadium and real stuff inside. We bought the tour books and T-shirts of all sorts… As I was wearing my boots and DM outfit somebody at the entrance told me: COOL! pointing at my huge black boots. I liked that. Nice surprise: most of the security spoke Romanian! Cool.

We found a nice spot, very close to the stage. We took millions of pictures of ourselves with or without the stage behind us, in a group or separately, etc. It was good fun! The stadium is nice, everything went smooth, except for the exit that was a nightmare. ONE exit for the standing crowd.

One thing that I will never forget is the efficiency of the security company they hired in Budapest. As drunks were pushing and shoving and clinging onto people in the audience, the guards were taking them out nicely and smoothly. Unfortunately, towards the end, we noticed that 2 guards were really beating a guy, but maybe that was just because he would not leave the stadium…

The concert itself was memorable. The best ever. I cried in my own pain (as I did in 2006, in Bucharest), I remembered all my lonely years listening to DM until my cassette tapes would die… I remembered that their music was my mother and father, I remembered that everything I ever lacked in my childhood was always quickly replaced by a line or two in a Depeche Mode song. I will never forget the Master and Servant WE sang because Dave refused to sing without the headset (that broke for a few minutes), I will never forget he came out in the rain to sing, I will never forget that he talked to us and asked “Are you still with us?” as the rain was absolutely pouring… Yes! It rained cats and dogs. It rained in my mouth and nose as I was singing along. And the pouring rain felt like a connection to higher forces that just gave me a piece of perfect love at the right time. I felt connected to every person on the stadium and to the music flowing better than ever. And to the crazy Dave who was shaking that ass better than ever! God, he’s got his smile back…

The setlist was (Jezebel and Question of Lust again!)

    1. In Chains
    2. Wrong
    3. Hole To Feed
    4. Walking In My Shoes
    5. It’s No Good
    6. A Question Of Time
    7. Precious
    8. Fly On The Windscreen
    9. Jezebel
    10. A Question Of Lust
    11. Come Back
    12. Peace
    13. In Your Room
    14. I Feel You
    15. Policy Of Truth
    16. Enjoy The Silence
    17. Never Let Me Down Again


    1. Stripped
    2. Master And Servant
    3. Strangelove

Encore 2:

    1. Personal Jesus
    2. Waiting For The Night

These are some of the photos we took in Budapest and at the concert.

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I love Depeche Mode. I love them in every way. I am going to Porto to see them again. And I am not FOLLOWING THEM AROUND. I am just fulfilling a lifelong dream.

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joacadeamine 9 years ago at 11:48 am

Have you been here before? No? Then welcome back !

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