New Year’s Eve (2013)

by viviana on January 2, 2013 in Appetizers,Festive,Sandwiches

I cooked galore on Christmas and it seems that all that excitement drained me a little bit. Still, I found the energy to prepare a nice platter for New Year’s Eve and a nice and simple dinner for January 1st. Check out the photos!

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Romanian weekend dinner

by viviana on August 30, 2012 in Festive,Mains

We went to the mountains last weekend and we spent it eating great food, playing table tennis, badminton, chess, cleaning the house and taking trips in the mountains. I will focus on the dinner we cooked on Friday, when we arrived.

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Mango and garlic fajitas

by viviana on July 14, 2012 in Guests,Mains,Ovo Lacto

A brand new and extremely exciting recipe from Octavian, my BFF! Check out the…Fajitas!!! All photos and text courtesy of Octavian 🙂

This is a quick and refreshing recipe you could make a healthy and unpretentious dinner of; I tried it once for myself and once for my boyfriend and it was definitely well received. It’s easy to make, ingredients can be changed to suit your taste.

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This recipe breaks a few rules, so don’t expect the regular directions for grilling vegetables. I always take the liberty to try new things in the kitchen, although I always follow what my Granny has taught me since I was 6. All these adjustments are aimed at cooking healthier and tastier food for my daughter.

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Vegetable stew and sausages

by viviana on June 4, 2012 in Mains

This is just another quick and easy recipe.

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Sausages on salad bed

by viviana on May 23, 2012 in Salads

I feel I need to remind you that this is not a chef’s blog, as much as I would have liked to pursue this career. I am not a professional cook, nor have I ever taken any cooking classes. What qualifies me as a person who is entitled to share her cooking experiences is my passion for food. Since I was only 6, I have helped my Granny cook. She was patient enough to wait for me to carry out the tasks that she was assigning and explain everything with the utmost patience.

My passion for cooking has been rewarded heavily over the years. My daughter, my friends, the children on the camp we organize in the Romanian mountains, foreign friends and clients, almost everyone I cooked for appreciated my culinary gift. The best compliment I get is when someone asks for seconds, and that is not seldom at all.

The other equally strong reason why I am qualified to give advice here, on my blog, is the fact that I am a working mother. And as I have stated so many times, my blog addresses working mothers with a sense of cooking, just like me. So I am not an expert in cooking, but I am in expert in enjoying cooking, making food that others enjoy and cooking the fastest and easiest recipes. My recipes are mainly tricks on how to cook for your family without spending exhausting hours in the kitchen. I cook healthy food and I enjoy making arrangements that make your mouth water ;). Today, Sausages on salad bed.

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Pepper chicken in mild taco

by viviana on May 21, 2012 in Chicken,Mains

I think this is the week for Adara’s favorites! Today I am sharing another dish that guarantees seconds from her: chicken with pepper and tomatoes in mild taco. She had it at the mall for the first time and I thought I would also give it a try. Here is my version of the recipe.

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My daughter is a bruschette fan, so today a post about them! You know by now that I cook to impress my daughter and to teach her bits and pieces about healthy food and cooking for your family. All I cook is simple and unsophisticated. I like to eat out, and when I really like something I have at a restaurant, I like to try it at home. Sometimes I check Sanda Marin’s “bible” for Romanian recipes, and sometimes I check the Internet for tips.

I have recently discovered I have a “soul sister” in the United States! Mia (@Mia’s Domain) cooks with passion and love and she has learned everything from her Grandmother (see the resemblance?).

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Vegetable sour soup with bacon

by viviana on April 20, 2012 in Soups

Cooking sour soup in Romania is like cooking pasta in Italy. There are some dishes that a Romanian housemaker needs to excel at, and sour soup is definitely one of them.

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Chicken legs with tomatoes

by viviana on March 26, 2012 in Chicken,Mains

I have cooked chicken so many times in my life, and still it is such a delight to add something different and make my daughter like “the new” dish! Amazing what a humble beggar for compliments I become when I prepare food, especially for my daughter.

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