smoked chicken breast

Mushroom stew with white sauce

by viviana on April 22, 2012 in Mains

A piece of advice: always think twice before you throw food away! Today I am happy to present my mushroom stew recipe. I prepared it with the mushroom stems I used when I cooked stuffed mushrooms.

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My daughter loves my cooking and I love cooking for her. A match made in heaven! I noticed that she appreciates my small arrangements and little cute shape and color games, so I went for a new vegetables and meat mix for her. Easy to make and splendid. Check it out!

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As you know by now, my daughter simply loves vegetables. Cooking for her is a challenge and a delight at the same time. There is no better reward in this world than her saying: “E buuuuuuun!/It’s goooooood”! Mothers around the world, you know what I mean <3.

Yesterday we bought some smoked chicken breast (she loves it) so I decided to tempt her with a nicely arranged breakfast. This is what I made:

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