plum cake

Cooking with Vivi is 9 months old! Our baby is growing stronger every day. I am celebrating my love and passion for cooking with a collection of food photographs that made me happy. I enjoyed cooking the meals and taking these photographs, I loved every bit of light in every picture below! This is the first post, I will keep publishing photos for a few days. Enjoy my friends, and if you like my work, please share this post and the ones coming later! Love, Vivi

PS: Today, only desserts!

Plum cake (recipe here)

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Plum cake

by viviana on February 3, 2012 in Desserts

Ingredients: 10 large plums, 4 eggs, oil (250 ml), powdered sugar (250 g), powdered sugar (3 tbls), cinnamon (2 tbls), vanilla extract (1 small vile), orange zest (1 tbls), salt (1 pinch), baking soda (1 small tbls), dried crust (2-3 tbls)


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