apple pie

Cooking with Vivi is 9 months old! Our baby is growing stronger every day. I am celebrating my love and passion for cooking with a collection of food photographs that made me happy. I enjoyed cooking the meals and taking these photographs, I loved every bit of light in every picture below! This is the first post, I will keep publishing photos for a few days. Enjoy my friends, and if you like my work, please share this post and the ones coming later! Love, Vivi

PS: Today, only desserts!

Plum cake (recipe here)

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Apple pie

by viviana on February 3, 2012 in Desserts

Ingredients: 4 sweet red apples, butter (80 mg), butter (20 g), sugar (70 g), sugar (50 g), 3 eggs, warm milk (50 ml), flour (350 g), baking powder (12 g), cinnamon (1 tbls), nuts (2 tbls), lemon juice (1 tbls)

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