My friends graciously accepted my invitation to share their recipes on Cooking with Vivi. A lot of love and passion from my fellow busy people with a sense of cooking!

Mango and garlic fajitas

by viviana on July 14, 2012 in Guests,Mains,Ovo Lacto

A brand new and extremely exciting recipe from Octavian, my BFF! Check out the…Fajitas!!! All photos and text courtesy of Octavian 🙂

This is a quick and refreshing recipe you could make a healthy and unpretentious dinner of; I tried it once for myself and once for my boyfriend and it was definitely well received. It’s easy to make, ingredients can be changed to suit your taste.

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Huckleberry smoothies

by viviana on July 12, 2012 in Drinks,Guests

 This is a new guest post from my dear friend and wonderful cook, Octavian, who wrote the recipe and took all photos. Enjoy!

I like all berries, but huckleberries are by far my favorites. Except for gorging which is by far the healthiest activity you could do with berries, here’s a refreshing idea for a smooth and fresh drink to assort your breakfast or for combating the thirst of summer.

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Another guest post from Octavian Logigan! Yes, this guy cooks a lot and has such a gift for writing about it :). Here is a new recipe:

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Just beautiful! Another guest post from my friend, Octavian who is really doing his best in teaching us how to prepare fast and delicious meals.

Ingredients: rye bread, butter, ground pepper, cheese, eggs, lemon, salt, stuffed green olives, pesto

This is my first guest post! And it comes from my dear friend, best friend – Octavian Logigan. He cooked and now is ready to share his recipe with us. Enjoy!

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