Want to impress your guests and family? Simply pick one of my recipes for glorious, glamorous and stunning appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, etc. In just a few minutes you can turn around a simple vegetable salad so it looks like the Empire State building! Be creative whilst following my tips and tricks and I guarantee people will take photos of your food before enjoying it!

Eliza & Arthur’s Gothic dinner

by viviana on April 23, 2013 in Festive,Mains

This is a guest post from Arthur Mayer, the cook of a wonderful Romanian/German/American dinner (including my Granny’s “Little Slippers” and a nice Romanian Merlot), and the gifted author of its description. Arthur and his friend, Eliza are from the US and they are lovers of Gothic/industrial music, just like me. Please note that Arthur also wrote what the soundtrack of the evening was!

I met Arthur on Facebook and I was very happy when he chose to cook my dear Granny’s “Little slippersin his cozy American home. Here is a beautiful description of the dinner with Arthur’s photos. Enjoy!

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New Year’s Eve (2013)

by viviana on January 2, 2013 in Appetizers,Festive,Sandwiches

I cooked galore on Christmas and it seems that all that excitement drained me a little bit. Still, I found the energy to prepare a nice platter for New Year’s Eve and a nice and simple dinner for January 1st. Check out the photos!

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Apple (birthday) cake

by viviana on December 29, 2012 in Desserts,Festive

I love making apple cakes. Here and here are 2 examples of apple cakes I’ve cooked before. Today’s recipe is different because I used whole apples and this dessert looks more like a birthday cake than a regular apple cake.

I learned this from my dear Granny. I miss her every single day.

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Romanian Christmas dinner (2012)

by viviana on December 25, 2012 in Festive,Mains

I enjoyed cooking and preparing all these dishes big time! Every Christmas is a great opportunity for all Romanian cooks to show their creativity and love for old Romanian Christmas traditions. Here are a few mouthwatering and splendid looking dishes. Enjoy!

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My sweet daughter does not exactly like beetroot by itself. So I thought I should surprise her with a beautiful salad, and maybe she’d eat the beetroot, too. And so she did! She loved the mix of corn, parsley, ham and egg with a centerpiece of beetroot with horseradish paste. Check this out, it’s all about being creative!

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Halloween pancakes

by viviana on October 31, 2012 in Desserts,Festive,Ovo Lacto

The easiest way to keep a 12 year old lady and her great grandfather entertained on Halloween is to have them help you cook! We decided to go for theme pancakes this year, and we hope you’ll like our designs :). The ingredients and quantities are the same as for 5-6 pancakes, but you need to be a little more creative than usual. Try this on Halloween, you won’t be sorry!

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Another festive salad added to the Festive food section on Cooking with Vivi. It makes me happy and proud to see how much my daughter enjoys the food I cook for her. She has this absolutely sweet and delightful reaction when she sees the platter waiting for her on the table: she is literally swept off her feet and she shouts for joy! I need no other motivation to prepare exciting dishes for her!

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I enjoy creating food designs, and salads are my all time favorites. I loved making this and this and, in fact, all the festive meals I have cooked and presented to you on my blog. Here is another vegetable and cheese festive salad.

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Romanian weekend dinner

by viviana on August 30, 2012 in Festive,Mains

We went to the mountains last weekend and we spent it eating great food, playing table tennis, badminton, chess, cleaning the house and taking trips in the mountains. I will focus on the dinner we cooked on Friday, when we arrived.

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“Nenicu 89” b-day cake

by viviana on April 28, 2012 in Desserts,Festive

On my beloved grandfather’s birthday I prepared a delicious cake. In a nutshell, this is a chocolate, sweet jam, raisin and nuts cake. As usual I had a lot of help <3.

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